Thankyou all!

You guys were outstanding tonight!

yep. such an awesome feeling being a tigers supporter when they win like tonight.

god i love the tigers…

Just tell me Lawrence will be right to go next week mate!?

Bit of a scare in the 1st half but after halftime we looked like the Tigers who can’t be stopped. Add Lawrence to the mix and I find it hard to see anyone stopping us! Great night and a great turnout by Tigers fans.

Thankyou for giving us fans something to cheer about Tiger99

It looked like the boys clicked in the second half … that’s the way they need to play for the rest of teh series! WHAT A NIGHT!!!

so who is tiger99??? :slight_smile:

Especially awesome in the second half. Plenty of guts and character in the team, they don’t give up, came out after half time and blitzed St Slump.

and the mystery of just who Tiger99 actually is deepens 😉

Perhaps you could give us a new clue to your identity each week leading up to the GF 99?

Maybe later in the week.

One week closer to the great un-masking of Tiger99!

In any case, as I posted elsewhere, it was a very interactive experience between players and supporters after the game - each truly appreciative of what the other had contributed.

Well done 99 for whatever part you played!

this is all getting very interesting :slight_smile:


Maybe later in the week.

Truthfully, how close are you to the team?…

Thanks West Tigers for a great night.Our family were jumping all over the place,with excitement.Even my wife (St G supporter)even ended up barracking for the Tigers,She does not like Soward so she now is barracking for TIGERS !!

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