05-11 similarities continue

everyone tipping dragons
the scoreline … 05 was 20-12
benji scores the 1st try
hino scores our 3rd
dragons fans walking out before the game finishes

You have to love sporting odds,Saints won like 4 from 12 with Penrith being their last win. Wests their last 8 including a win over Saints and they come out favourites.
Ill never forget 05 at the SFS.The best atmosphere ever at a football match,and how cocky were the 30,000 Saints fans that night ,and how quiet were they when the Tigers took control.

It has that feeling…. although, I dont remember my head hurting this much in 2005?!

My head is hurting too. Mr J Beam owes me big time.

I was so happy and excited from last night, I promised the Mrs some quality time and lunch out today …

Tigers winning priceless / Cost of winning for me about $80

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