The sun is shining , the birds are singing

It’s a beautiful morning , the sun is shining & the birds are singing , whenever our fantastic team beats the Dragqueens the night before .
Even after a boozie post game evening , the beady weary eyes staring into the black strong coffee , I can’t take the wide smile off my face .
Our great team stay alive for another week , and I would love for for the Dragqueens to be our Grand Final opponents , so we get another chance to rub their snotty little noses deep down into the ANZ turf.

The dolphins are jumping in the harbour!

it’s a beautiful day :slight_smile:

Even the jackhammer at the building site next door has a nice thump to it today, bit like darius boyd or soward hitting the turf, or a dragons fans heart. lol

lol yeah nothing betta than beating st george :slight_smile: i guess the saints won’t be marching in just yet… :blah

How alot of our supporters felt at fulltime:

Yes but without the olives 😆

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