Flash's game

He was alright last night. It’s clear he’s being used purely defensively and I was pleased.

After being recalled last week I’ve been impressed with his stints. Nothing amazing, but putting in little 1%'ers. He even snuck his head through a couple of gaps last night.

What do others think?

I think you may need to clarify just who ‘‘flash’’ is.


I’m assuming Flanagan also.
I remember complimenting his performance (albeit only 20 minutes) as he came off & Heighington came back on.
Gives Chris a good break & he just tackles & tackles. Ran forward when he had to. Good job.

He looks to of put on a little bit more weight and or strength as opposed to last year, his defence is rock solid and I have been pretty impressed in the last few weeks with his efforts. He has no mistakes in him and i’m always confident that he will keep our ruck defence tight. Good job Flanno, deserves the wraps

I have no problem with using him for a defensive role and a pass or two off the ruck, that’s his game as he showed last night and he is good value there.

But it’s a mistake to use him for hit-ups. Even straight after he comes on fresh he still gets dominated for a slow play the ball without making metres. I know he is probably just trying to give the big blokes a quick break but that is not his go at all. We have plenty of boppers to share the minutes make strong carries. So they should step up and leave Flanagan out of that to do what he does best!

Still don’t understand having him in the same team as Fulton. He doesn’t really provide anything too special but still gets the job done. I guess that’s why we let him go.

Great first change option for Heighno.

He tightens the ruck right up which allows us to play the two young props together without losing too much ground.

Has deceptive acceleration and gets pretty quick PTB’s.

I like the way he is being used

Yeah he almost squeezed through a few gaps last night and he works his butt off in defence Probably won’t be there next week if Payten is back though

Deserves to stay over Payton imo. I love the big hombre but he has hardly played all year.

I said last week that he has surprised me, clearly no world beater but he works very hard around the middle, happy with his form, interesrting, does Payton come back in??

I must agree he has played really well since he has come back into the top grade & nearly made a couple of brakes last , a very professional performance last night.


I must agree he has played really well since he has come back into the top grade & nearly made a couple of brakes last , a very professional performance last night.

Now it is Flash the mechanic.

Should stay ahead of Todd; but wont.

He’s a bit like an apprentice to Fults in the sense that he gets through important defense while he is on and the odd carry up. I am not saying he is as good as Fults but rather that his role in defense is as solid for the short period he is on.

Very happy that he is involved in the Tigers finals campaign.

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