I Need Some Help to Pay back a Dragons Fan

Loser at work flooded me with images of his putrid team this week, so i thought I’d bide my time and wait until after the game to extract my revenge. My plan is to cover his locker with tigers pics, hopefully of us smashing the dragqueens, and then laugh in his smug face. Can anybody send me pics that they have which I can print off? I’m not too computer literate.

Cheers lads and lasses


select one, right click, select “save as”

I think a video grab of sowards tanty at the ref under the sticks late in the game would be good…I’d love to post it on facebook, unfortunalty im another with many dragons workmates and friend.

You could always send him Craegus 's Dragon picture with all the pictures of the characters that have beaten the Dragons in the last 11 weeks Make sure the Tigers picture is in there twice now

There are some great pics here from last nights game….

To save them right mouse click on the photo and "save as: on your PC…


I find reminding them that some of there ten straight premierships were won under a crooked referee really gets under Saints fans skin
Touching this subject to a Saints fan is like burning a bible to a Catholic They really don’t like it

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