UTAI's Defence

Just watched the replay this morning……Gasnier beat him everytime he went down Utai’s side…his defence was very poor last night…gee I hope Lawrence is back next game… 🙏

All of them on that left side, Utai, Lote and Benji were dreadful it was only the heroic cover defense of fulton etc who saved us out there.

Yes Utai had no idea of how to handle Gasnier and didn’t stop him all night. At least Benji was able to hang on a bit in his tackles.

He also crept up and out of the line in the first half and that allowed Soward to slip behind him and set up the Nightingale try.

You are right Stryker, so glad Fults was there with them.

It was nice of the Dragons to leave them alone in the second half.

I think Gasnier probably changed ended Utai’s career as a centre. Oh well, lawrence back next game.

I felt a little sorry for him….the Coach shouldn’t have put him in that position.

Having said that, he did play centre for Auburn last year in the A Grade Comp… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

That’s true Liddy, he is really out of his depth at centre in the NRL though. His game has dropped in all aspects since being taken away from his customary position and for the sake of the team and Matt he should be used as a winger or not at all.

Was out of his depth. Get into that hyperbaric chamber Chris!

Instead on focusing on Matt’s defensive issues of last night - which were always going to be an issue, as they are for any other centre in the game, trying to contain Gaz. It is a credit to him and his team mates the way they covered for each other. Matt did a lot of defensive work covering and helping other players as well. Matt may have not completed one on one tackles, but he did manage to unbalance Gaz, which impeded his forward motion and his ability to take on the cover defense successfully.

wasnt utai one of them that forced a dropout in the 78 min i think covering nightingale. he wasnt that bad -

If Lawry is out next week then Matt should not be the center again. Either Brown to center and Matt to the bench, or Ryan to center and Matt to wing.

Coming off the bench would be more beneficial to the team I’d say as his meters gained through the hard yards is his strength.

Two 15 minute stints where he makes 70 meters through strong hit ups will make the side a better all round team.

X - That’s right mate he was in on that gang tackle. I don’t think anyone is questioning his desire or commitment, it’s his defensive technique that has always been a concern and playing him in the centres during the finals against the best team does no one any favours!

It’s more a coach decision to play him away from where he has played best that I’m questioning.

Where that leaves him from here on in I’m not sure, maybe the bench I think.

Because of many issues he has Lack of lateral movement ,speed off the mark ,lack of size He will struggle at centre defensively .
He gives 100% no one questions that i think if Lawrence isn’t ready next week that Beau should get the job at centre and play either Utai or Brown on the wing and the other off the bench

utai has been great for us….he positional play isnt the best but everytime he runs the ball he makes metres and very quick play the balls which gives us a roll on so thats crucial.Hes a better winger so i wouldnt mind if he got put back there.The way moltzen played he has to fullback so utai coming off the bench with brown coming in to the centre

Tigers05 i think is laughing at us.lol

Utai was outclassed, it happens.
He is good at what he does, which is truck the ball out of our own half, but he is a limited player.
He has done much better than I expected and would happilly see him retain a spot on the bench once Lawrence comes back in

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