Hello to all,I"ve been on the forum heaps this year but haven"t posted much.

On the game,I was so confident all week,I bought GF tickets with tix for this game on Tuesday and had some big wagers put on.But by Thursday night my confidence was gone when I saw predictions for rain & Lawrence out and I wasn"t happy with the media and their confidence in picking Saints.It was as if we were going to be up against it with the refereing etc & didn"t get much sleep.

By the end of the ist half I thought we were gone.No penalties,10 second play the balls and Saints back about 7 m, and some terrible play by us I thought we were facing elimination.

But what a turnaound,with a shocking 10m & ruck we through it around & wore them down unlike last years final.

In the end I fel our dominant crowd support got us home when we were far from our best.

The future is exciting,It feels like we got our bad game out of the way and with players coming back,we have much work to do but it feels like 05 again.It feels like our year. :sign: