From behind enemy lines

I watched the game from a Saints box, was interesting to hear some of their views from the oppositions perspective. some of the more interesting things.

1. Ill start with the obvious, Marshall and Farrar is what scares them. They were saying that they fear farrah more than any other hooker.
2. This I found interesting, the skill and ball movement from our backrow as our main strength, interestingly one bloke was saying that although he feel Dwyer is a better player than Fulton (debateable in itself) he reckoned that Dwyer being out and Fulton coming in has helped the team, cause fulton’s ability to shift the ball and dangerous running lines suits our attack.
3. unlike this forum, they love Moltzen (TBF they are prob biased given they have signed him) they were saying that they believe that moltzen for boyd will improve them as a team, as i said in another post, they were witnessing his best ever game, prob got caught in the moment.
4. They were highly critical of Lui, reckon he is a terrible defender and takes bad options, in fact a few of them were saying if we had a decent organising half back we’d be unbeatable. They did concede he had magic moments, but did not rate him at all. I think they were too harsh, and Im not a huge Lui fan, he has some big supporters on here, they would have been flabbergastged.
5. They were shocked when I was saying we’d miss Gibbs, they thought that Woods and Galloway with BMM and Groat would be a better rotation

was interesting to see how other people view us. I should clarify who “they” are, It was some football staff and officials amongst some other ring ins (like myself)

was a great night as the only tigers fan :slight_smile:

Thanks Goose, interesting stuff indeed!
1. No surprises there, the most created hooker in the game but it was his decision making that gave us momentum.
2. I agree with their point, Fults has definitely found his position and role in the team and it shows big time.
3. They’d have been less than impressed mid-season but Moltzen > Boyd last night.
4. Lui was good last night! With Benji and Farah in the same team his is a tricky role.
5. Long term we’ll be better off but there will definitely be times when we’ll miss the defence of Gibbs.
Great night indeed!

There are a lot of things contributing the way the team is going at the moment but Lui is in my opinion right up there in importance so I reckon they have got that one wrong.

Good post Goose, thanks. You left out the most interesting part though IMO, how were they going towards the end of the game? I hope they weren’t in a box there could have been a few diving out 😆

Considering Lui has been the player, who has destroyed them most in our past 2 meetings (also our best in last year’s semi final), I find their non-rating of him very strange. Maybe they are just jealous because their halfback is old and on the way out, whereas Lui is young and on the way up - AND he is ours, not theirs! 😃


Good post Goose, thanks. You left out the most interesting part though IMO, how were they going towards the end of the game? I hope they weren’t in a box there could have been a few diving out 😆

They were pretty devastated, however they were pretty good sports in the main. very frustrated with the kcking game, “what has happened to Soward” was a common theme!

another interesting thing that came out of it all, they were adamant they needed new blood, playing that grinding style takes it toll mentally on the team and need newcomers to bring in some new enthusiasm, they reckon the semies will get the up and they believe they are a chance next year, but welcome an overhaul of their roster to freshen them up.

I was the only Tiger amongst Dragons supporters as well, I heard mostly swearing and bagging of their own players.

Im proud of my team always.

You were like a sniper behind enemy lines. By stealth and determination you perservered and conquered. I must of been sweet!!!

I was sitting amongst the Dragons members side of ANZ as well. The one’s that were around me were actually bagging Moltzen and were disgusted with his signing.

On the train heading back to Redfern after the game some Saints supporters were saying “thanks for Moltzen next year”.

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