NRL Garden Gnomes


I am desperately looking for a wests tigers and a canberra raiders garden gnome. eBay has a few but none for these two teams. I am a HUGE tigers fan and my bf loves the raiders and we just bought our first house and want to put them out front 😃

I’ve searched all over the net and can only find a handful for clubs like the Titans and Penrith, does anyone know where I can get a new or second-hand Tigers and Raiders gnome?
wendy you can help me./

Buy some plain ones & paint them yuourself, thats what i did.

we were thinking of that. but the nrl ones are so cute! I found a tigers one finally (he will be named Chris), but am still looking for a raiders one for my boyfriend.

I thought this was a thread about Royce returning

Try ‘Guy Stuff’ at Narellan they sell gnomes.

Yep there is a guy stuff at Windsor as well that sells them

awesome, thanks guys! I don’t live in Sydney but sent them an email to ask if they had any in stock. I really appreciate the responses.

Matt Utai hasn’t signed for next year maybe you could offer him a job in your garden?

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Matt Utai,
Nathan Gardener,
Matt Orford,
Alan Langer.

Oh wait - it’s not that kind of thread is it? :mrgreen:

Geoff Toovey But I would want him covered in concrete .Couldn’t stand Toovey

Utai, no way!!! He would get smashed in a day LOL

I bought my NRL garden gnomes from a Rebel store…they had a pretty good range.

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