New Zealand No Worries

i dont give them much chance. it is difficult to defeat team spirit. new zealand should be out - terrible performance last night - and melbourne couldnt beat newcastle in the second half. we will only defeat ourselves. sleep well people - sleep like they sleep - in belief. nothing can beat team spirit.

I don’t want us to take it lightly though. Sudden death footy can throw up unusual results.

no - it doesnt mean take it lightly - but the spirit of momentum is with us - we are locked in at a good place. whoever beats us deserves to be premiers in my book.

Momentum may be with us but warriors coming back from a loss like that can be dangerous…but go the Tigerz!

Thats my concern too. Taking it lightly. On this weeks performance….Yes we should win and they should lose, but that was this week! Which Warriors will turn up next week? I’m more concerned about this game than i am the Storm the week after should we win. I just hope the boys don’t let themselves down with a poor attitude this week. They have worked too hard, and we have felt some pain along the way too for it to be over on attitude. Besides…Gibbo aint ready to be a Shark just yet!

I don’t think the Tigers will forget in a hurry that the Warriors had them dead and buried at Mt Smart stadium earlier this year until Benji unleashed the fury and the Tigers stormed home. The Warriors have a good pack which can generate second phase play and they have a decent halves combo and a good fullback. They have a tendency to play off the cuff football which can be devastating when they are in form, but right now they look unstructured and down on confidence.

Enthusiasm and doing the simple things right will see the Tigers win this. The Tigers pack can match it with anyone at the moment and it’s just a case of replicating the second half against the Dragons - Hit them up the middle, draw the defence in and then look to go wide, keep the likes of Farah, Lui, Marshall and Moltzen trailing around the middle looking for offloads and most important of all, try and keep the defensive line straight.

exactly willow - go through the motions - and let the spirit dictate the outcomes. i dont see any spirit in new zealand. just go through the motions. like i said who ever beats us deserves to be premiers. i dont think new zealand are that team.

Moon out, Mannering in doubt, Rapira on report and the beast coming off a shocker. Warriors will struggle methinks


Confidence is up

quote of the week. this is the truth.

Wests is best. We are the ORIGINAL team in Black and White, not those Imposters.

We will SMASH them.

I am not as confident. It’ll be a grind I think.

Even though the Broncos smashed them they still made plenty of yards up the guts and looked dangerous - they just couldn’t find the right pass or hold the ball.

We will need to be on for this one.

Warriors will be a lot better. Wouldn’t surprise me if they jump us in this game early and we win in the last 20 minutes. There more then capable of winning. However, we are going better then them, and even if they do jump us, playing down in Sydney we will come home and get them. Pretty confident even though I think it will be pretty hairy for 60-65 minutes.

Sounds like alot of complacency here. We are more likely to take an understrength side for granted and get subsequently embarrassed. Mark my words, Vatuvei will be baying for blood next week.

We will need to be on our toes, it won’t be the walk in the park that it should be.

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I’m sure the team will be much more composed than most of you lot on here. They really don’t need to do anything special against the Warriors. Just bash them up the middle and play smart footy. Repeat sets, kick early in the set to turn them around and keep the game down their end. They have a lot of errors in their game when they are under pressure (evident against Brisbane). My only concern is if Mateo gets a few offloads away (always seems to play well against us).

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