Who's Going?

I’ll be there again. Atleast i don’t have to take time off this week. Lets get 40,000 Tigers in there!!!

Yeah i’ll be there…me and the boys won $1500 on Benji scoring on friday that’ll pay for the finals series as I have already organised GF tickets.

Seriously dudes,
Grab ya mates, ya family get them in Black white and orange, and get your tickets now. We need 40000 plus crazy screaming Wests Tigers fans there to stick it to these Warriors .

Lets fill the stadium with every Wests Tigers fan possible.

Start spreading the word now, organise tickets for all your mates now, grab your misses and tell her she is coming. Get your gear sorted and your throat ready to scream for the mighty Wests Tigers.

Me. Hopefully in Tigers Bay somewhere. BRING IT ON 5 MORE SLEEPS :righton:

i’ll be there with my famous C’MON WESTS banner

Planning on being there somewhere with the missus, depending on kick off time anyway!


Planning on being there somewhere with the missus, depending on kick off time anyway!

kick-off is 7.45pm

Looking forward to it!

Cheers Alien,

Work are going to hate me but what the hell 😃

I’ll be there, I’m loitering on Ticketek now waiting for the members pre-sale 😃

Bay 11, rowBB. Am happy with that.

Got tickets. Pax No 6601-6605. Bay 31, row BB. I only got category 2 seating due to going with others but I have sat near there before and good view anyway. Row BB is near the top isnt it? Didnt want to be down bottom near field, rather be higher where I am sitting

Bay 11, Row GG see you all at the SFS Friiday

Bay 17, Row FF, Seats 1-5. Bring It On.

Got my seats this morning. Look forward to seeing your sign on the big screen again Alien!

Go Tigers Go !

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