This weird feeling

Right now I’ve got this weird feeling of confidence… I can’t shake it… I’ve never felt this confident about our team - ever.

Even at halftime when we were down 12 - 0 to the Dragons, I wasn’t nervous about us losing. It’s almost like I expected us to come back… Its just so strange (considering how different this has been in previous years)…

Now I’m confident we are going to not only knock over the Warriors, but I am not fearful at all of playing Melbourne in Melbourne… Infact I want us to play them, and beat them, then beat either Brisbane, Manly or St George in the GF… So then we’ve beaten all the ‘best’ teams to take down the title…

Anyone else feeling the same?

And now with Lawrence back on that left edge… I’m frothing…

Yeah I have a similar feeling I think we can take it out. We have the team to beat anyone and all the players want it bad!

Well last week’s calmness was somewhat misleading for me because I didn’t really fear we’d be knocked out; I had a motza on Manly and Melbourne winning.

But I understand what you mean, I’ve been feeling this confidence since we knocked off Manly all those weeks ago, just going into games thinking we would be hard-pressed to lose.

I like it better than how I used to feel!


we were down 12-6 😉

that is true…

i probably meant to say that even though they put 12 genuine points on us (lets be honest, marshalls try was from no where) i wasn’t fearing that we’d lose… the dragons were in their red hot form, the best they have played in ages, and still, they weren’t scaring me…

i’ve never been so confident…

*note im not talking it up to anyone else, i just had to let it out here!

You’re not the only one. Never have I been so confident that we would come back against the Dragons like I did on Friday night. For some reason I just at this calm feeling inside of me that they wouldn’t lose. I wasn’t nervous at all. Now I feel that we’re going to go all the way. Just got that feeling, doesn’t who we play or where we’re going to win.

I wish I’d felt like that! I felt sick the whole way through the 1st half, right up until Fulton’s break, then I thought that maybe the boys could come back. But as I said to the bloke who asked me if I thought they could come back at half time, I never feel confident until we are ahead by more points than there are minutes left to play!

Agree with you Suzie_Q…absolutley…with the Tigers…it’s never over until the FW sings

Could this be our year!!! I’m thinking it could :slight_smile: Eye of the tiger!!

I have the same feeling when I look at my 911

Suzi Q - I am a fatalist who always expects a loss and am quite frightened that I feel so positive and excited. Every day this week is a boring fill in time to Friday night.
Last year I felt every week in the finals was a bonus week, and was so proud of the team to make it as far as they did.
I don’t want to say too much as I feel I could jinx everything….but I have that feeling too.
😃 😃 😃 😃

i think our next loss will be rd 1 2012

It’s 2005 all over again and im loving it.I live in Queensland and i really hope we meet and smash the broncos in the final. I think I hate them as much as I Love the Tigers. And I think our forward pack is the best its been,Galloway and Gibbs are steam rollers.Talk about the engine room up front.Go the TIGERS.


i think our next loss will be rd 1 2012

Actually i think our next loss will be a trial and we will be kicking butt round 1
Gee I hope we get Manly round 1 Blair v Stewart Bring it on

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