2012 Membership may be worth every cent

Just to let those undecided know.
I always go to the Leichhardt games, so got a membership for those games that was cheaper than regular entry to Leichhardt for them, and got grandstand seating in the Keith Barnes stand - great on wet cold nights. When I could, I just got regular tickets for other games. Also have been able to pre-purchase finals tickets, including the grand final (already).
I know I’ve missed a few promotional offers due to work commitments; can’t be helped.
My message is to take a good look at the offers for 2012.
I also have some good (free) stuff to hand to friends and family so they look Tigeriffic at the games, and my car is suitably decorated with Tigers adornments that I got free.

Totally agree Girlz. Also got a Leichhardt membership - think it’s called Silver Claws - and it’s been worth every cent. I’ll certainly be renewing my membership in 2012.

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hopefully they use the full wests tigers logo on the members merchandise next year instead of the fake looking best n less version

The merchandise was average this year (the hat and scarf went straight to the back of the cupboard - I’m not a big cap guy anyway and if I need a scarf the 2009 version gets used) but yes, it’s well worth doing.

My membership is GA for Leichhardt and SFS - I contemplated Campbelltown too but in the end only made it to one game down there which was the break-even point. It’s good to know that I’ll have no dramas getting into any finals game, though as I’ve said elsewhere if the NRL wasn’t moronically short-termist that advantage would be worth more.

2011 membership x3 (my first) will definitely be renewed next year…

the cap was yuk, but the whole package is worth it!! I chose Campbelltown and Leichhardt. Went to most of the games

I will probably be getting the stripes membership again, without knowing the yearly schedule I can’t buy a ticketed membership in case I can’t go to the games.

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My membership package was for all home games & if i couldnt go to the game my son or daughter used the tickets which was great. I will get the same package next year.

Yeah I had the full package this year and used every bit of it. I only wish that they would allow you to pick your own seat when renewing your membership or move it around (similar to what they do on a airplane or in the movies)

I paed a large sum on money only find out that the Gold Seats were not that great. I would prefer to be a bit higher up at Leichardt (but understand restrictions due to the size) and SFS next year.

Allowing members to pick from available seats would be great as long as renewing members get first preference on their seat from last year upto a certain date. If a member does not renew their seat goes up for grabs.

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