Is Daly Cherry-Evans maybe a little.. too flamboyant?

See, as interesting a discussion this thread may be, its probably not the kind of topic we should discuss on this forum, as journo hacks such as Mascord, Rothsfield, Weidler and Jackson may read into a thread like this, then publish excerpts from it as “news” and then go on to suggest that all Wests Tigers Fans and players are homophobic.

I’ve seen some interviews with him, and he has a very distinctive gay inflection to his voice, he often does that “tisk” thing, he has a deceptively unattractive girlfriend, and a high cheek-bone structure. Everything about him just kind of screams “Hellooooo San Franciscoooo!”

Now don’t get me wrong, what I’m saying is that if he is gay, he shouldn’t feel the need to hide it. In fact he’d be a great ambassador for gay athletes. From what I’ve read there’s only one or two professional team-sport athletes who are openly gay, the world over. This kid’s gonna be a Kangaroo one day, I think he should be more proud of who he is, and not have to hide it.

I don’t think we should let hacks dictate what we can and can’t say on the internet.

The issue isn’t questioning an individuals sexuality, it’s about whether or not there’s the atmosphere within the NRL that would allow him to come out, and whether even if he did it should even be an issue.

you must have his girlfriend mistaken for someone else, because his girlfriend is damn fine :slight_smile:
also, while the topic of wether or not homosexuality is accepted in Rugby League is an interesting subject, signalling 1 player out as an example when he hasn’t come out of the closet and has a girlfriend is pretty unfair and can be a pretty hurtful accusaition. Even if he is a Manly player 😉

1.i thought his GF was Quiet attractive 2. He is softly spoken. Means nothing

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are you being serious? he sounds gay?

its none of our business whether he is heterosexual, homosexual , metrosexual or whatever.

this is just stupid.

Pathetic post, honestly the blokes young with a soft voice…have you ever considered he may be a bit camera shy and just trying to be polite. It’s like being thrown into your first interview with an employer at your first job, except this bloke is answering professional questions on national tv.

His girlfriend is a damn hottie and appeared on the footy show and had a great personality so good on him.

If he comes out in a few years who cares. Warnie looks pretty metro these days too, doesn’t mean he’s homosexual.

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It’s all fun.I had a laugh.Everyone lighten up.He is only having a laugh.I reckon Daily would laugh it off.Gay whatever ,and his girlfriend is a statue…lol…He is not gay! Topic OVER…

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DCE & his girlfriend for those who don’t know…

Thread is beyond stupid.

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