Ticket Sales

Does anyone know how ticket sales are going for Friday’s match. I hope there is a big crowd supporting the boys.

My Ticket number was 5301…as at 10am yesterday…

Yeah mine was around the same alexaki.

Anyone have a recent PAX number, say from last night or this morning? Did anyone who aren’t club members pick up their tickets last night?

I got mine at 8pm last night, the PAX number is 10400.

I’ll be buying tix tomorrow (need to wait for payday!!) and will post my pax number when I get them.

Just tried to buy some but it seems they are not on sale at the moment - perhaps they have sold all the ‘pre-sale’ allocation?
Looks like I’ll be in the mix with jo blow come 10am…


i’m in Bay 31 btw

Thats a bit low isn’t it?

I would have thought 20,000 Tigers fans had bought by now!

Hey Centaur
Probably get a better idea at the end of today, tickets only went on sale to general pubic at 10:00am. I think 13,000 odd is ok for mostly members, but I agree we want 20k + ASAP!

Tickets available again, members went off sale at 8am - don’t know why they would do that?

Anyway I still got good seats Bay 34, pax 13,848…

I expect a boost in numbers on Thursday morning when the people on weekly wages get paid.

Just bought mine then trans # = 27389, not sure of that is the same as PAX


Just bought mine then trans # = 27389, not sure of that is the same as PAX

Thats the transaction # Larry.

If you look at the bottom right corner of your ticket, you can find the PAX number.

Wasn’t hard but sounds like we’ve eclipsed the Manly game by noon today 😉

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