Referees.......This could be a disaster!


Now I’m nervous!

Maxwell was perfectly fine for us last time, and I don’t mind Hayne so much anymore - at least he is confident in his decision making.

If we play clean, we’ll be right.

I’d rather these guys to Suttor/Sutton/Haines.

Maxwell has butchered us on many occasions in the past



Now I’m nervous!

Wasn’t it Hayne who was in charge of the Easts Semi last year?


Maxwell has butchered us on many occasions in the past

in 2010 and 2009, and of course the infamous broncos incident in 2008.

This year he’s been good to us - i’m hoping that pattern continues - couple of 50/50 calls re forward passes, etc have gone our way for once.

Granted, NONE of the refs seem to like to penalise the Storm in tackles though.

don’t worry about the ref’s…
as long as both teams get a fair go is all we require.

yep coz i’m sure they will be out to screw us over 😒

If The Tigers do the right thing then the refs are not an issue.

I have been very proud of the on field discipline that we have been showing of late.

Hayne likes quick play the balls. This will probably favour us over the Warriors.

Haynes a few years back was probably our best ref, than last year he turned on us. As for Maxwell without doubt the most over rated ref in the history of the game. Like others they have me worried

Did we run over Badger’s cat or something? We never jag him. He’s the best ref in the NRL IMO.

We’ll be fine They don’t call him Hometown Hayne for a reason
Just make heaps of noise we will get penalties

Just glad to see it’s not Checcin, that guy is not a 1st grade calibre ref.

No way. It’s only disaster when Archer is the ref. He’s the one who wouldn’t give us a penalty last week when the Dragons were slowing down the play the ball the entire time, Cecchin did. Don’t mind Hayne and Maxwell.

I think they are a good set of referees. I doubt their performance will be the difference between a win and a loss anyway.

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