Is anyone in favour of a Draft ??

Just thought I would put it out there It could be used for the youngsters as they come out of school or for older players who come through at a later date
Then the players could be split through the NYC clubs and players and picks could be traded that way
Could be a way of scrapping the cap or restructuring the cap
Will help if we bring new teams into the competition as planned in the future
If someone has another idea for the draft or doesn’t want it
Give us your thoughts ??

i don’t no about a draft but id like to see a bit more compensation for juniors who have been at the club since they were jrs but even that is a bit unfair when u have the likes of newcastle, brisbane etc who are one club towns

For rewarding bringing up talent
Only 1/2 or 3/4 of Players wage who has been at the club since he was under 18 or 20 should count to the salary cap…

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i dont mind the idea of a draft itself but dont think it would work. 17/18 year olds will struggle with a move to NZ or around Aus without family although it will allow clubs like Melbourne and Roosters with poor junior comps. i wouldnt mind thoguh transfer windows were there is limited periods for which players can move clubs and negotiate with other clubs like soccer. A mid season transfer window would see clubs leave room in their cap to add a player who can come in and play the next week. The windows would be the month of May/June and then a second one from the GF to december. no contracts will be registered outside these dates and allows focus on the football rather than contracts

We had one, Terry Hill didn’t like the result and took the ARL to court over it in the early 90s. It’s since been scrapped. I don’t like the idea personally, it’s used in the AFL and teams “tank” games when they realise they’re no chance of making the finals to finish lower on the table and get better draft picks. I prefer clubs find their own players and invest money in grass roots footy and juniors programs, rather than have them handed to them. If John Smith is the next big thing because of a strong juniors program in Newcastle, he shouldn’t have to go to pack up and move to the Storm because they draft him. The system we have now encourages clubs to invest in junior programs.

Personally I think greater concessions for long serving players (7 years) and one club players is a better alternative.

No, I am not in agreement of a draft. Our players do not earn enough money to be made to be shipped around like cattle.

If you are on 250k a year then yeah go for it, however the players to be involved in a draft would be off contract players possibly between 55k and 150k per year, and would include juniors coming out of under 20’s.

The amount of shuffling and sacrifices players would have to make to only make an ok wage would take the incentives away in my opinion. I know a few of you will howl at me for saying that, but you have to take into account the old cliche - they can’t play footy forever.

Agree with MM regarding greater loyalty concessions - however take it a step further -
Drop the club loyalty concessions to 5yrs, (25% of players wage) with a greater incentive offered at 7yrs (40% of wage)and 10yrs. (66% of wage) with no upper limits.

This is a business guys - If you wish to breed loyalty, reward it, and reward it well.

MM and underdog are onto something. So many clubs have to shed their players they’ve brought through the ranks due to the salary cap. Players currently have to go to another club to earn more money. As a business why can’t the NRL provide the opportunity for players who do the years to stay and not be forced out if they become “too good” or are pushed out by others. Ie. Greg Inglis. Instead an exemption is brought in for players who have served say 5 years of first grade as underdog stated

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I’ve never liked the Idea of a draft when kids grow up playing football they want to play for their local team they dont want to be drafted to a different team if we dud have it Chris Lawrence might not even be playing for the tigers he might be at the sharks and that wouldn’t be good I like it when I see young kids come up into the tigers that are from my area

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For rewarding bringing up talent
Only 1/2 or 3/4 of Players wage who has been at the club since he was under 18 or 20 should count to the salary cap…

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I have had a brief discussion with Stephen Humphreys over this issue and he agrees there should be some concessions given to clubs who have brought their juniors all the way through to 1st grade. He raised this at a CEO’s meeting with the NRL at the beginning of the year. It didn’t surprise me when he told me that the other NRL clubs didn’t agree with him. He hasn’t given up on the idea.

Whilst the salary cap is not perfect it has achieved the goal of evening out the comp unlike years gone by when certain cashed up clubs bought a team by pillaging other teams top players and not developing many of their own. The draft has the same aim as far as I know so if the salary cap is working then a draft is not needed. Definitely agree with the idea of clubs being rewarded for bringing juniors through and keeping them at the club.

I’m not in favour of a draft, and my understanding is that you would need the players and the RLPA on-side.
The ACCC has ruled it as a ‘restraint of trade’ and the league would therefore need its approval.
As noted above, their are also big issues with the AFL draft and teams tanking at the end of the year.

i think a draft is fine but a player should be able to nominate themselves for the draft and possibly select a region they want to be drafted eg qld nsw or other

so either the player can nominate for the draft or they can attempt to play through the system to get a go with a team through juniors, u20, reserve, first grade and being scouted

im not too sure if any of u guys have ever applied for uni but you are able to nominate your prefrences so say you order your selections and then you get passed to the clubs and they either accept or reject you and the first club to accept in the order of preferences you are going to

1melbourne - reject
2.dragons - reject
3.brisbane - reject
4.manly - accepted(the player is off to manly)
5.penrith - not noted

No…no draft for me either.

Imagine a kid who played his whole life in Townsville with asperations of one day joining the Cowboys so he could emulate his heros, works his guts out to get there, becomes the hottest player in the NYC only to be told that his future lies in Canberra as the Cows have performed well that season.

He’d be crushed.

Wests Tigers, Penrith and a few others have proven that when the clubs’ junior talent makes it to first grade, there is a commodity present that cant be bought……PRIDE in the jumper and PASSION in the club.

I agree with others saying that compensation must be made for local talent made good and 1 club players.

Draft wouldn’t work in the NRL, cause as it stands the clubs themselves fund and run junior development for the talented players, a draft would remove the incentive to do this, therefore the development would stop.

Im all for rewarding the fostering of talent with cap discounts etc, but the reality is that some clubs advantage would be too great, and those with small or no junior leagues would struggle. Maybe this would create some natural attrition of sydney clubs, perhaps a long term benefit…

The drama with this, is the teams that would struggle most due to lack of strong junior leagues, South, Easts, Cronulla and the Bulldogs, have too much clout to introduce anything that would impact so negatively on them

Dont like the idea of a draft system, i feel there are other ways of rewarding players. Happy tiger, have you heard of Belinda Hocking, Matt Abood,Troy Batchelor, Robbie Farr,& Olivia Halicek, all Australian Champions & all from N.S.W. sorry it took so long to get back to you but i was busy with football & work.

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