Will the tigers be stronger in 2012 than in 2011



The loss of Moltzen next year is going to implicate the style of game we play. His and Benji’s connection and style of game was amazing to watch. The bad thing is the tigers may have underestimated his talent and future prospects. His role as a full back has remained strong and consistent, but with a number 7 on his back, magic may have been made. I can’t help but worry about Lui, who to me shows no strategic thinking, or game plan. He lacks the ability to take the pressure of Benji, and struggles with creating more then one play per game, not to mention his defense. Unless the tigers find a stronger half back in 2012 will be no different then 2011. Premierships are won with a strong 1,6,7 and 9. With Moltzen taking the number 7, the combination formed would of been nothing but first class. 2012 will be a great year for Moltzen, assuming his injury free, shame he won’t be at the tigers to help contest for the premiership.

One of the more inaccurate posts I have read of late.

He got 1 thing right Willow
You need a good 1,6,7 and 9
Unfortunately our 1 was only good for the last month of footy
If he had been like that for 80% of the season we may have finished further up the table and got an easier draw in the semis

im surprised brown didnt really get a go at fullback this year. he went well at fb towards the end of last year

Won’t make the 8 next year. We’ve had 2 chances in the last two years and choked. Should have beat the roosters in 10 but choked, should have beat the warriors but choked. Chances don’t come along like that very often. We just don’t have a killer instinct.

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Moltzen wont be as big a loss as tiger_29 makes out.

Get Brown doing the same thing during the off season and it will be just as breathtaking to watch - just minus the butchered try at the end of the movement.

Brown is also half a step quicker than Moltz. Please tell me he will get first crack over Reddy.

Its all crystal ball stuff, who knows what is going to happen next year, Benji gets injured and all of a sudden we have no attack. On paper I say we are stronger, the likes of Reddy,Blair and Bell are seasoned first graders. My only real concerns are the mental scars of two back door exits in two years

YES, our younger guys (Woods, Groat, Lui, Shirnak, Murdoch, etc) are a year older and have some experience under their belt now. Bring in Adam Blair who is a damaging ball runner and one of the best defenders in the NRL and the pack is looking very strong. Lawrence and Lote will not be injured for the whole season like this year and as a result our left edge will be much stronger. If Brown/Reddy/whoever can slot into fullback with no dramas, we’ll cover the loss of Moltzen. My only real concern is without Gibbs and Fifita, our front row depth may be a little thin. Blair can play up front but is better suited to the back row, and Matt Bell is no more than a solid first grader. We’re definitely a top 4 side next season (injuries permitting).

@Ed Reschs:

Won’t make the 8 next year. We’ve had 2 chances in the last two years and choked. Should have beat the roosters in 10 but choked, should have beat the warriors but choked. Chances don’t come along like that very often. We just don’t have a killer instinct.

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Bigdamo has another account?

I write this responsse trying to not let the dissappointment from Friday night have any effect but I don’t think we will be a better team next season. I think we will see very much what we have seen the past 2 years. Large periods of the season where there will be a lack of patience, inability to close a game down and grind it out and poor decisions that will cost us dearly. Then we will have a backs to the wall and fire up and make a charge to the finals. I really thought the memory of the 1 point loss to the Dragons last season would be far more than enough to get us over the line on Friday night. If the pain of 2010 couldn’t inspire our team to dominate to the last minute than I don’t know what the motivator will be for 2012. When it gets to the point of, which devistating finals loss do we choose from for motivation, I think that can do more harm than good. I think 2012, much of the same. Aghhh the emotional rollercoaster that is the life of a Tigers supporter.

Youth: The likes of Groat, Woods, et. al will have massively benefited from this year, and a full off season with the FG squad will do them wonders. BMM will have a full off season to recover from injury, and return fit and fired up.

Depth: Missing a big name fullback, but there is quality there to fill the void with Ryan, Brown & Reddy all very capable of doing so. Add to the mix speculative signings Tom Humble and John Grant and U20’s James Tedesco and Koroibete we should be in a much better position in 2012 should an injury crisis belt us around. Matty Bell will provide value on the bench as well and will offer good no-nonsense go forward and solid defence around the ruck. And Adam Blair is a world class player who would walk into any NRL FG side.

We have got a good enough starting 13 to win it, it all depends on the two above factors for us. Hopefully the season won’t be as disruptive with injuries and the likes of Rowdy and Lote will run rampant again.

Lawrence and Lote will be like fresh signings with plenty to play for in 2012.

Injuries hurt us this year but there is nothing like hurt and a fellinhg of unfinished business to spur a clkub on…

Heck Yeah we will be better.

Im hoping we will be better off next year, you’d have to think we not likely to have as bad a run with injuries next year, our forwards are on the way up.

I have a concern, Im not sold on Lui. I think he has talent, and clearly has potential, he very capable of coming up with big plays. But he is not the cool head that I think would compliment Benji. We have enough big plays in Farrah and Benji, Id prefer to sacrifice a bit of magic that Lui has in him for someone who is more of an organiser. There is a good chance that Lui will continue to develop and continue to make better decisions, but he needs to work on this part of his game.

The other issue, we dont have a fullback at all, that said, for most of this year, whoever played there was rubbish, but when we got our act together and started winning, Moltz was playing well. There is a chance whoever get the gig might do a great job, but there is uncertainty surrounding the spot.

Will not happen, but I would play Lawrence no1 and have Reddy and Aysford in the centres

I think as a club we have been strongly moving forward of the previous years.
This season we have seen some guys really develop well. Ayshford has been outstanding, Lui is getting better every week and Woods and Groat have shows a glimspe of what they are capable of. I think in 2012 we can only get better, especially with Blair.

All i think is after the way we went out the last two seasons we should be hanging out of a tree to win the whole thing in 2012, or at least be more ruthless (seems to be the word surrounding us at the moment) especially in big games. And by we i mean not just the players but us as supporters and everyone associated with the club. If this feeling doesnt strengthen our resolve and spur us on to make things right nothing ever will.

I know as a die hard, maybe too much so, supporter who feels as strongly as i do about the club i cant wait to see 2012 be our best season ever. My resolve as a supporter is kicking in after being in disneyland for a few days now. After leaving the game (eventually!) on friday night, the looks on my fellow supporters tells me we all felt that one hard, but we will be back.

If this is how i feel as a mere supporter of this great club then i can only imagine how the players and staff are feeling. We all know what this team is capable of and our time is coming soon, very soon. 2012 is the year we stand up and show the NRL just how brilliant, tough, determined, exciting and RUTHLESS of a team we are.

I like the positivity I’m reading in this thread.
I think Blair will be a massive contribution and some of the nay sayers will see WHY so much $$ was spent on getting him.

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