Bye, Bye Dragons?

What will happen tomorrow night, I’m not sure, but one thing I am certain of is that this weekend will be the last time we’ll be seeing the Premiers in 2011. Seriously, I cannot see them getting anywhere near Brisbane on current form. What does everyone else think?

Bennett would already have his bags packed

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I give the Drag Queens a good chance I think it will be a lot closer than you think?

The Dragons have to throw caution to tbe wind and abandon their 2010 style. They need to play football and throw the ball around to have a hope of beating this red hot Bronco’s side.

While I expect the broncos to win, I am heading to suncorp to cheer the dragons on. I hate Brisbane and I’m sick of all the Lockyer dribble. Plus it would be great to see a tigers dragons gf.

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They aren’t the same team they were about 3 months ago. Earlier in the season if they kicked a field goal in the first minute you’d back them to win the game 1-0. Now they let much bigger leads slip. I think they’re a tired team with a big premiership/origin hangover. They need to step their attack up, or get flogged. If they turn over the ball against Brisbane like they did against us, they’ll see 40 put on them like the Warriors did.

Bronc will smash them!

I think the Broncs will win but i wouldn’t put my house on it. As good as Brisbane are, the Warriors were realy poor last week and as bad as the Steelers have been the last couple of months, they won’t play anywhere near as woeful as the Warriors did last week


Bennett would already have his bags packed

Looks like you are right, he has his bags packed and was at Newcastle this week organising for next year.

Im not so sure the broncos are a lock this week.

I would rather play the Drags in the GF than the Broncos or Manly

I don’t know why, but I just think the Dragons can win tomorrow night.

There is barely any form to justify that conclusion, but in the finals anything goes!

Broncos are rightly favourites but St George-Illawarra seem to go alright up there. They’ve certainly got the talent but the vibe you get from them isn’t great at the moment. Last year’s win and Bennett’s departure seems to have taken the hunger out of them. That said, they lost in Melbourne by 2, were in the game on the scoreboard until the death against us, and have a great roster. As I said, Broncos look more likely but I wouldn’t write off the Dragons totally.

I could not stand seeing the dragons win, especially with the tigers loss. Please broncs, smash 'em

Broncos are the form team right now.

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