Are we really that hated?

Don’t know about you guys but I spend alot of time on foxsports. Especially the web site.
And after every story, game, interview or topic about the tigers there is a barage of hate mail.
I know everyone likes to bag other teams but after reading nearly every response column on anything nrl over the last few years it has become apparent we are very very disliked.
Anyone else get on there and read this tripe?
Thoughts ?
Surely we are not the new manly….

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No way. We are everyone’s second team.

The tripe you read is from Saints and Manly fans. They hate us because they fear us.

That’s interesting, in my circle and in most of the stuff I read, we are generally one of more favoured teams in the comp. Haven’t ever read anything on foxsports and probably won’t now 😆

I thought we were well liked by most NRL fans. Our style of play is great to watch and really entertaining. Wouldn’t be too worried about Fox Sports

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I aslo read some of the comments on foxsports and there is a lot of hatred but it is generally the same people who have absolutely no idea.
Some of the people genuinely believe in a conspiracy that the nrl is trying to get the tigers home and they claim the refs have pretty much ensured a win for the tigers in there last 9 starts.

It is pretty funny!

The way I see it is that the more hate that comes towards us just shows how well we are going
and it will make winning the comp so much sweeter!

I thought we were well liked also. The way we play is probably the reason why. There is no way any side is hated more than Manly.
Both Manly and Souths suck major sack!

yeah its all “refs love the tigers” and “benji is a touch footballer” type comments. comes with having one of the most high profile players in the comp in your team, you start to get haters wanting to tear them down. Also Manly fans will whinge about anything.

Its so called “league experts” who support shit teams, they look at us and think its all luck.

Generally the only people who post are those who have a grievance.

Like here, we get twice as many posts after a loss compared to a win

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…another reason why compulsory voting is superior

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I dont think we are hated…dismissed yes, under rated yes…but not hated. Nearly all of my mates whose sides are out have jumped on our bandwagon.

I get that though, EVERYONE talks about us and how good Benji is and everything.

I could not STAND Parramatta in 2009, all that “Hayne Train” crap and saying how amazing they were. It gets tiresome when you’re an opposing fan and it just keeps coming every time you pick up a paper.

Here in NZ we are everyone’s 2nd team (no longer Manly). If we can beat the Warriors the whole of NZ will be behind us.

I also think people are jealous cause they all hate on Benji cause he is better than their players and such.


Its so called “league experts” who support s*** teams, they look at us and think its all luck.



I also think people are jealous cause they all hate on Benji cause he is better than their players and such.

And this.

I think we are hated by many, have a number of friend that always say “don’t mind the tigers” but when we are down to the business end they always are going for some other sides. Living in Canberra most of my mates support the Raiders, all of them are backing the Warriors.

Utlimately, I think all of them wished their own side played like the Tigers, they just won’t admit it.

To be honest, I support the Tigers and I don’t give an F what anyone else thinks, they are MY side thats all that matters.

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