Does this week seem just a little too easy?

Form for this weekend…

1. The Tigers have won 9 straight.
2. Tigers have won the two games against the Warriors this year.
3. Chris Lawrence is back.
4. The Warriors were woeful last week.
5. Wests Tigers have NEVER played a bad semi.
6. Our spine is in awesome form.
7. We are at home.

It just seems too easy… So why am I so worried???

Why are you worried?

Like when they say “Its too good to be true” ….it usually is.

Same with “It seems a little too easy”…it probably wont be.
Not many semis are.

Maybe because it is an ELIMINATION FINAL?

stuff you may of missed

finals footy brings out the nerves


Much easier than this time last year, last year it was:
1. Against a red hot Canberra team, in Canberra (after they knocked off the second placed Panthers)
2. Coming off a loss
3. Backing up from a 100 minute epic
4. Injury concerns for a lot of our players
5. Big underdogs

This year:
1. Against a Warriors team that just lost by 30, in Sydney
2. Coming off a win
3. No real injury concerns to speak off, we’re running out pretty much at full strength (Payten the only exception)
4. Big favourites

that’s probably a big part of it, I think we’ll win this one well, I don’t think the Warriors can improve on last week as much as they need to.

Your nervous as I am because all of those reasons you gave ( with the exception of 6), could be seen as negatives. If this was a normal round game you’d near tip against us.

However it is a finals game and these things are all positives. We need a massive pro tigers crowd out there to help the boys along. We can, should and WILL win this one….

No way will it be easy but I am just confident in the boys to do the job
If we play our best and keep the opposition to 12 or under no team in the competition can beat us

Problem is they tend to drop off against sides they expect to beat - so beware !

This is a do or die game for us too.
Bay 31 is sold out and we will lead the cheering, chanting and ref heckling!

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We are turning into cocky saints fans,
Im am worried about this game… Warriors are better than you think …


We are turning into cocky saints fans,
Im am worried about this game… Warriors are better than you think …

exactly. The Warriors should have beaten us twice this yr. Theres been more attention paid this week to the possible Storm clash then there has about the Warriors game. Its the kind of behaviour we’d laugh at with opposition fans, yet we’ve gotten caught up in the same thing this week

it is a semi, they are supposed to be hard!

the disapointment will be worse if go tomorrow than last year, cause as you point out, we should win.

but as we know there a long way form SHOULD to doing!

Very good posts Marshall Magic and Team Tigers, certainly sums up the way I have been thinking in what has been a VERY LONG WEEK. I am confident the WTs will win providing we only have to play the warriors and not ourselves as well. Stay focused, attitude, attitude, attitude Wests Tigers.

True Cunno! If both teams show up and play their best, we will still win.

That’s why WT must show up and play their best, it’ll simply take the opportunity away from the Warriors.

As supporters we also don’t have that much experience in finals football - 3 WT campaigns ever and this only the 9th game.

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