St. George front Illawarra team in State Cup

Hi Guys,
There has been a bit of talk that the maggies will form an alliance with St. George.
Pretty sure it’s been put to rest, But I don’t know if the news broke but….
St. George have realised that no fixed feeder team is not the way to go, This week they have to call Cuthbertson to the bench and he hasn’t played for 5 weeks as his carlton league team didn’t make the finals.
Next year, They will front a state cup team under the Illawarra banner
Mary McGregor will be the coach
Reece Simmons takes over coaching at Wests in the Illawarra League after Mary took them to 3 Premierships.
Hope this clears a few things up.

Steelers (formed in 1982) get reborn via stgeorge illawarra and stay ‘alive’ in nsw cup but a team/brand from 1908 (magpies) get killed off 😦

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Really??? This thread isn’t supposed to come to this same old same old….
The Magpies unfortunate resistance to reason or progression is the only thing killing them off

This is a forewarning, stick to topic.

As soon as this topic starts to turn into the usual melee it will be locked and/or deleted.

Just lock it… It’s not really a discussion topic. Just a point of Interest!!!

Sorry but its just diehard blood venting on a forum. Not trying to be devisive on any post just want recognition in some areas. That is all.

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