Hurry up already

On my second six pack watching the bloody tennis, looking at my watch every set. Grrr wish I was in Sydney.
I have the outdoor party area decked out in black orange and white and you would think it was grand final day.
Got two kiwis coming around at 6 so we better win.
Sorry for the nothing thread but just pumped bored and half cut.
Hmm might go for a swim.

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I feel your pain. Our fish shop is very popular with Kiwis and I reckon the majority of customers passing through tonight will be barracking for the Warriors! Not looking forward to that.

I know, Hurry up and be 7:45 already

Im wearing my 2011 jersey above my tie her at work Today.

yes!!! I finish work at 6. I cannot wait.
I just want to go to the game. Wests Tigers games are the highlight of my week. I dont want the season to end!!! 😢 😢 😢

I’m on my way to the SFS. 7.45 cannot come quick enough.

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Guys, there is a very simple formula for this

S = T * e/U (True until kickoff), after which S = T * e

S = perceived speed of time (normally 1 second per second)
T = real speed of time (1 second per second, relative to you being stationary on the surface of the Earth)
U = time until kickoff
e = exponential function

in other words, the closer you get to kickoff, the slower time becomes.


after kickoff, the perceived passage of time accelerates to an unnaturally ridiculous speed, meaning the game is over in a flash

I call this the “Tragic Tigers Constant”

Ha, gold.

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lmao 😆 this thread is gold im also a bit bored cant wait till kick off brooooooooo
might go for a swim also(in my shower)

Hurry Up you say I wish it would slow down There are only 5 NRL games left this season
What will a man do then 😮
Probably watch the 2005 GF victory over and over or break the monotiny with 🙏 the 2011 GF victory over and over again

Sitting in Bay 15 counting down the minutes.

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Whats the crowd like so far?

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Was here an hour ago, beers check, jersey check, girlfriend whoops!!! Bring in on

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I got out of bed early for this!!! Bring it on

just ate potato bake beer n a smoke its onnnnnnnnnnnn

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