Fulton Was sensational

Top shelf stuff by Fulton Played his guts out till he had nothing left.

ill second that has a heart the size of a Tiger……

So glad he didn’t get punted. He has turned into a rep quality backrower. I’ll be calling for HIM to play NSW next year not Rhino. Rhino is good, but Fulton is better.

yeh played like he always does and i rekon he copped a knee to the noggin when he dropped that ball in the last few minutes in warriors territory…unlucky

Fulton ,Keefy and Woodsy were great tonight

He was fantastic. And if the last Warriors try wasnt lucky enough they got a huge boost with that accidental knee to Fulton’s chin on the third tackle when we were deep on attack causing him to drop the ball.

Fulton was brillant, he would be my first picked in any rep football,SOO or Australia. He can play smart,he can play hard and most important he has a football brain

Yeah fantastic finish to the season after starting all those games since Dwyer got injured.

A defensive machine but sorry he is just too small. We got caught with little penetration coming out of our 20 on numerous occasions and Liam tried to do his best with multiple hit outs. We just got monstered though

I think his effort since Dwyer got injured has been enormous.
He was close to my best player over the last 6 weeks.

Keith was huge last night.

Fulton should be our first choice for lock next season to small for second row. great season Liam and the rest of the boys you gave it all you had and i am proud to be a tiger fan

@Easy Tiger.:

ill second that has a heart the size of a Tiger……

Hear! here! :sign:

Couldnt believe he got replaced. Was it because of the head knock? I have no doubt he would have been there to stop that last try.

He was great, gave it everything he had.

Liam reminded me of Junior Pearce! That is the biggest complment i can give someone!!! This kid is awesome!!! And for anyone goin on about size……Liam plays well above his weight,and Junior was five ten and about ninety kegs!!! Its not their size, but the size of their ticker!!! Like Junior, Liam has a HUGE ticker!

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