Wrong call to play Lawrence

Its easy with hindsight, but we made the wrong decision to play him.H e was just a passenger tonight , got good ball but couldnt stretch out .

He did much better than the bloke outside him!

He did fine.

It was the wrong call to play Tuqiri

Our left side in attack was almost non existent tonight except for the first 10 mins or so.

tuqiri couldnt keep up with the pace of the game.He should of dived on it at the end instead of trying to hit it to moltzen

It was only his timing in his passing game that I thought was off.

This thread is a joke right Lawrence had a good game

Yes he did…. we should never have been in that position after the first half. Choked.


It was only his timing in his passing game that I thought was off.

absolutelly agreed, i thought his defence tonight was good but his decision making in attack
just wasnt crisp, he made a few bad passes in critical situations for us but hey…ya have to give him some
slack hes been out for a couple of periods leading upto this that really hindered his form 😢

Lawrence wasn’t the problem at all, i couldn’t blame any of that 2nd half capitulation on Lawrence. And if we win, which was only 2 mins away, i would have said great decision to play Lawrence because he got a game under his belt before the Melbourne prelim game.

I was really disappointed with our 6,7 and 9 in the second half
Why didn’t they take charge and play smart
Seriously went missing with the ball in hand

Your right Digeze ,he wasnt the problem,his defence was good ,but we should have blown them off the park but we couldnt penetrate them.Lawrence never really extended himself i thought.

Lawrence was good. Our captain not so much.

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Benji and farah did squat.

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