That last try was not a try

Watch it again, the referee blew the whistle and went to the video referee BEFORE Inu reached out for the second time. There is no way that should have been awarded. How could they say the referee ruled that he wasn’t held if he’d already blown time off and went to the video ref? The rig is in my friends.

It was a try. Get over it. We had the chance to close out the game and didn’t.

They checked it……Chris Lawrence just had to show ANY effort and it’s a double movement.

Instead…he just watched.


Shattered 😦

No it wasn’t a try. Watch it again and you will change your tune. Watch it live. It was NOT a f****** try mate. They played great and deserved to win but that last try WAS NOT A try.

The referee LIVE signalled time off before he put the ball down. HE RULED TIME OFF BEFORE THE BALL WAS PUT DOWN. Stop moping and watch it. It is a huge deal and noise has to be made.

If it was us it’d be a try get over it,2011 is over

Bottom line they finished all over us, Benji was gone most of the second half, Rhino was struggling, Fulton was unbelievable. Doubt we would have put a team on the field next week. They did us proud over the past two and a bit months and next year they will be better

Don’t tell me to get over it. It was a massively incorrect decision. I can’t believe the apathy in here. If it was us I’m not a cheating dipshit so I would be saying the exact same thing.


Seriously just watch it again and you will rage. It wasn’t a try.

Yeah well next time kick the friggin ball on the 5th tackle with 4 to go, then they might not get a chance the team is to braindead dumb to know to do that though

I didn’t think it was a try either, they were certainly lucky with their 2nd try since it wasn’t stripped. Bring on next year.

No try.

Moltzens hands are down on top of inus and the ball. Double movement for certain.

The reason it wasn’t a try is simply because the ref blew time off.

The actual play itself SHOULD have been a try. And if they CORRECTLY ruled that it was a no try. It would have totally come down to the ref stuffing up. But still, he did it and it’s NOT a try.

I say try because as the commentators said no one had a hand on Inu (held). Moltzen or whoever holds his hand on Inu = we win the game.

I can understand were people are coming from saying they blew time off but you gotta use your common sense sometimes that people can still score.

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