Playing Flanagan Was it a mistake

We needed size after Bryce went off and we didn’t have it
I said I thought BMM should of been picked and I stick by that call
Not saying Flanagan had a bad game just wasn’t what we needed tonight

We needed a counter to Matulino/Mateo which we didn’t rly have

Flanagan tackled everything that moved when he was on, if he isn’t out there then who was going to do the tough stuff ?

The back on the bench finally cost us. I knew it would eventually. Losing Gibbs in the first half lost us the game. With his defense we win. Pity he leaves us like that.

Yes it was a mistake . He wouldnt crack any other sides 17 .He was banished to the lower grades but brought back for the big games . Work that oneout.
Watch our last month or so .Heighington gets replced and we bocome lazy and sloppy around the markers.Flanagn may have tackled, but he didnt make a dent on any of the runners , thats the difference.

We haven’t had a strikeweapon this year since Dwyer’s injury, plenty of meter eaters and workhorses but none who could run good lines and make tackle busts. Hopefully Ellis can regain some of his attack for next year and hopefully BMM will begin to rly devlop into a first grader.

playing flanagan wasnt a mistake. we just should have had murdoch on the interchange too. a bench of flanagan, murdoch, woods, groat would have been better


I’ve never been a fan of his but I thought flanagan was actually great tonight. Probably his best game for the club.

No I dont think it was a mistake Happy….he tackled his guts out. The back on the bench was a mistake but thats for another topic.

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