3,2 and 1 points

3 Big Keefy Absolutely magnificent tonight
2 Aaron Woods not far behind Keefy
1 Fulton Absolute workaholic performance again
Honourable mentions
Moltzen another good game
Beau Ryan worked real hard all night
Ayshford worked his butt off

3 Liam (80 minutes I think)
2- galloway
1- woods

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Posted using RoarFEED

Disappointed to the extreme.

Still, we had some good players.

3. Galloway
2. Fulton
1. Woods

Well done also to Moltzen and Heighno.

Farah, Ellis and Benji quiet IMO.

Lote was useless… Lawrence was clearly short of a run.

3. Galloway
2. Fulton
1. Woods

Notable mentions to Ellis, Moltzen, Ayshford, Heighno and Ryan who were all good. Unfortunately Marshall, Lui and Farah were all kept well in check in the second half.

peanuts the rest

3 Galloway
2 Fulton
1 Woods

3. Liam
2. Woods
1. Galloway

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