This just highlites

Although we just lost the unloseable game tonight just supports how bad the Macintyre system is….we finish 4th and beat team five …Warriors finish 6th and get flogged by forty .
Saturday morning of week 2 we are gone and the two week 1 loosers are still alive…absolute bullshit system…anyway NRL I hope you get a Melbourne/Brisbane GF and no one will watch it…any boys merry christmas to all see you,s in 2012

This is rubbish. We should have won by 20. We didn’t turn up

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Every game in the finals should be sudden death. the nrl wont ever go that way though, they want to milk an extra week out of the season. means big bucks.
and while we keep lapping it up, they will keep the system as it is.

Only got ourselves to blame. Our defence was rubbish and the warriors made us pay for it.

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The finals system should be a fair one where each team determines their own destiny. The McIntyre system is rubbish and unfair.

Last year the Warriors ran 5th, lost narrowly to the Titans and were eliminated because OTHER teams (the Tigers and the Panthers) lost. This year, they ran 6th, got flogged by Brisbane and survived to beat us, because of the performances of Manly and Melbourne in beating the Cows and the Knights…

It is random and unfair. The quicker we adopt the AFL system the better.

Yeah i have given this systym much thought, easy soloution come 5 or 6, that way you can drop a game like saints and worriers get a 2nd crack at it dont come 3 or 4 because if you lose 1 game ya gone lol lol,seriously though the final 8 is a joke has been for years like 05 we smash the cows 52 to 4 yet we faced then in the gf,now thats good promoting of the game, the sooner the independent body get in and change it to the afl systym the better, and lets adopt a final 6.

CANNOT blame the macintyre system on last night….we played like crap, went for the ‘score a try every play’ style instead of percentage field position.
Yeh the finals system is rubbish but its nothing to do with last night, we had it and gave it away

You know what the rules and system are. We knew we had to win but couldn’t go the distance. Why whinge?

Irrespective of the final system, the team still has to turn up to play. 18-6 at halftime. No way we should have lost. Agree with innsaneink totally. The second half was not the final system, they just switched off. They had the Warrior’s measure during the regular season. I think they thought they had it in the bag and forgot to play grinding finals football.

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