We were the 4th best team in the comp

That’s all I can take out of it. Even if we beat the warriors I don’t think we were up to Melbourne manly or brisbanes standard. 2011 was a good year though, 9 in a row felt good.

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Personally I think we can take a lot mor eout of this year. We saw the emergence of some fantastic talent, and the consolidation of the talent we had before. While it is sad to say goodbye to some good troops and I have no dobut we will miss Tim and Gibbsie, the mutton we have coming in wil serve us well.

I can’t wait for 2012! (please God, save me from the cricket!)

the 4 best teams made it to week 3 of the finals

I wouldnt say warriors are better than us

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either would i but they won at the right time of the year and we stuffed up at the wrong time of the year

in reality we had an average year. we made the semi’s last year, so in that case we went backwards. I guess if we take anything out of this season is that we let go of the wrong players and kept some has beens. I hate to say it, but Lote is a waste of money now, $350,00 would be better spent in other areas that we need it.

lote will be better next year if the injury gods are nicer to him. we should have kept moltzen though

I think we were probably the third best team in the comp behind storm and broncos (with a fully fit Lockyer). Honestly think we’re better than manly, and warriors just beat us on the day

the best teams win when its important.

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