Let me start by saying I rate the kid big time and I think he’ll be a star. His attack is coming along beautifully and he is steering the ship along nicely.

He has been much maligned over the last two years for his average defence. Most of this critisism has been warranted.

Over the last weeks though he really put his body on the line and aimed up.

Tonight though, he was back to his old self.

Mateo’s try was deadset embarrassing. I wouldn’t be disappointed if he fronted up, put the shoulder in, took him front on and got run straight over. But tonight he stood to the side and literally pushed Mateo through the hole.

I know, usually, a good big man will always beat a good small man, but you need to go into a tackle thinking you’re going to make it, not that you’re going to get smashed.

Bad night to go missing in defence.

I know I am probably being picky, and he only missed two tackles all night, but this stodd out to me tonight.

… I am absolutely shattered.

I thought lui was good in defence tonight generally. Made a great tackle on Johnson when he made a break, and didn’t miss too many. Mind you I was at the ground so I could’ve missed a few

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cost us the game
Shame, he had really improved over the last few weeks.

Lui was so bad for most of the season that he probably should have been dropped long ago. But full credit to Sheens for sticking with him as it has proven effective. Lui should have a good season next year.

that was a very poor miss. i know its one on one but even get some body contact and it slows mateo down a bit and hopefully someone else can get a play on him. to me it looked like lui seriously got out of his way, not first grade stuff

I actually thought he defended well tonight we didnt lose because of that one missed tackle.i thought we lost because they tried to defend a lead rather than improve it.Lui had a pretty good game imo

Haha cost us the game. Thanks kul you can’t be serious. Only playmaker in our team that shows any composure. Defence has improved massively since middle of the year.

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I had to laugh at Moltzen giving it to Lui there….yeah he was Luis man but Moltz didnt get a glove on him either

From what I saw of Moltzen tonight he would be better off concentrating on his own game rather than giving it to other players.

I think a good off season hitting the tackle bags with no accusations over his head touch wood like last season and I think he can turn into a really good defender. I think he has the right body shape to develop into a good tackling number 7.

He’ll always get targeted but I think he’ll be much better next season. He was found out this year and I think it’ll be a big focus by Sheens to lift this part of his game

I remember how bad Lawrence’s defence was and now I reckon he is the best defensive centre in the comp.


cost us the game
Shame, he had really improved over the last few weeks.

Barely cost us the game.

We let in four tries last night…not one…

Lui was good last night. We lost it up the guts.

Hohaia (spelling), Johnson, Maloney running off the hittups of the big men is where they got us.

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