That streaker...

just wondering who was that streaker supporting?

Was probably sent out by the Warriors to upset the balance of the game as we were winning 12-0 (I think). Definitely looked like he came from that area of the world.

Maybe it was Pdenny?

He was clearing playing skins

Which member (excuse the pun) of the forum could that of been ??
I think we can excuse any of the female members of the Forum
PDenny comes to mind

Avoided two tackles and took off again after being floored.

Haha Kevin Locke nearly shit himself and ran away from him….was right in front of us.

LOL@ Tahir taking the piss outta him at halftime

Thought if someone could prove he was a plant by the Warriors they forfeit the game. Hope the Daily Telegraph pick this theory up and run with it.

bigdamo on a nudie run coz the tigers made the semis?

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He definitely proved it was a cold night.

Maybe Bryce wasn’t injured afterall - it was his nudie run for going try-less again???

No offence meant, but that guy would have to be the ugliest streaker I’ve ever seen. He looked like a sumo wrestler!

Was it bigdamo running away from his Luke Burt thread coz I haven’t seen him since haha

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im surprized Damo hasn’t crawled out from under his rock tonight


im surprized Damo hasn’t crawled out from under his rock tonight

he might have necked himself! 😲

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