In no particular order:

Thank you:
Robbie - Leading the team, sometimes with injury and through adversity makes me admire you
Benji -for a wonderful year. Watching your magic has been great fun.
Tim Moltzen - Great finish to the year and I wish you well in moving on.
Lote - Thanks for trying to get back on the paddock in a terrible year for you injury wise. Thanks for trying.
Blake Ayshford - Thanks for holding the backs together in a tough year and you still played so well.
Chris L - Another tough year, but you worked hard through the injuries to keep coming back. Awesome.
Beau - Your last few months you have really improved. Always great, now even better. Cheers.
Rob Lui - Bashed by most, including me. But you worked hard, improvement is there for all to see. Thanks
Keithy - A Great year. You are really coming of age for a front rower. Thanks mate.
Gibbsy - Through injuries and tough contract talks, you also played the best of your career and I seriously wish you well at the Sharks. But come home soon.
Gareth - Injuries got in the way at times, but you led from the front. You are a credit to yourself and in my opinion the best and most consistent Englishman to hit our shores.
Woodsy - Mate, I can see the writing on the wall. You can be a massive thing in years to come, and this year you worked hard and we almost got there. Thank you.
Liam - Career best footy. We have seen you shopped around but stay. You are everything Wests Tigers. Awesome work rate and a great year personally. Kangaroo Bolter maybe? Seriously, that good a year!!
Heighno - You are everything a modern back rower could be. Hard worker, inspirational, always doing the tough stuff. Glad you are ours. Thanks mate.
Mitch Brown - Mr Underated - Always there when we need ‘someone’, and always reliable. Thanks Mitch.
Matt Utai - None of us have ever questioned you having a go for an old bloke. You’ve turned many around from someone we disliked at another club, to a good buy with us. Thanks for filling some holes.
Wade McKinnon - Injuries hurt you, but when you were there, you gave us a wise head. Cheers
Mark Flanagan - Always willing. Always working hard. Best wishes going back home mate.
Matt Groat - Kid, you are going places. Thanks for letting us watch you develop. Head down bum up!
BMM, Fi -Fy-Fifita, the Schirnacks, Geoff Daniela, Tim Simona, Jacob Miller, Junior Moors. - All played bit parts, but the club needed you and you all had a go at some stage. Thanks. If I have forgotten anyone, thanks anyway !!!

Simon Dwyer - This is not the end for you. Take your time. Get everythnig right. Always welcome. You will find a solution. We are all with you to a man.

And finally - Todd Payten. Few have bettered your ball skills, running, wise head in the middle. You can see at times when we missed you bad. Injuries crueled your last year, but all those years before were fantastic to watch. Who can forget the big hombre scoring in the GF in '05. That is yours forever. Best wishes in retirement.

Big Thanks to Coaches and staff.

To make a great club it takes great management. Great coaches and staff, great players, great SUPPORTERS. Some other clubs have some of those things, but not all those things.


Well said.

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Well said Swordy!

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Agree totally! About time we had some positive posts after last night’s game. The boys have done us proud, and after all our injuries and dramas I think we actually over achieved this year and despite some other postings on the forum I thought last night’s effort was tremendous, we were beaten on the bell by the better team on the night, a little bit of luck our way and we would all be talking up next week’s game. Here’s to a stellar 2012! can’t wait.

Cant agree more these players tried there bums off all year & i am proud to be a Wests Tigers supporter & always will be.

100% agree Swordy. Summed up beautifully!

Couldn’t agree more.

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Good stuff Swordy We will be back stronger in 2012

Proud tiger here as well boys. I refuse to bag out the boys after last nights effort. I’m very dissapointed but am looking to the future.

To Todd, Bryce, Tim, Andrew, Wade and Mark all the best guys cheers for representing my club.

All we need is the same effort next year, and a few less injuries and we have it in the bag!

Good post. The boys really gave us a good run over the past few months and i for 1 am Happy with their efforts. of course i am shattered and i did sit at the game for a good 15 minutes after wondering how the hell we just lost that game. but from where we were at around the halfway mark of the year i think it was a fantastic effort from the whole club. While i am still devestated that our year is over i look forward to next year and all the highs and lows that come with supporting the mighty WESTS TIGERS!!!

Fabulous post and I would like to add my thanks as well to all the players, coaches and staff.


Fabulous post and I would like to add my thanks as well to all the players, coaches and staff.

x 2 … really looking forward to a huge season in 2012

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