The sun is shining, the birds are singing

and I feel like shooting the rotten things. What a difference a week makes. Got home all philosophical, woke up angry and sad. We had the game in our hands…… :bash! Why didn’t we take the attrempt at goal when we got a penalty near the end :crazy . Why didn’t we kick the ball out on the 5th tackle in our last set of 6 😊 Why didn’t Tuqiri ground the ball when the worryhairs scored their last try 😦
Oh so many questions and no answers 😠
Building my cocoon now, see you all in 2012

Yes it’s not a good feeling this morning feels like a bad hang over and I didn’t drink! But someone has to lose and it was us. Proud of the boys sad to see a few go too :bawling

i hope everyone has a great summer.

We just got to move on n think about next year 😦

that’s why winning a premiership is so special…

next time we win one (lets hope it’s soon) all these losses are exorcised…

all the older folk will remember what 2005 did.

have a great summer everyone.

Still struggling and it is after 10pm on Saturday. Should supporters have a Mad Monday to let off some steam?

That’s a good idea, tigergirlz 😦

Bloke came into the shop at lunchtime wearing a Warriors jersey. I made my husband serve him. Couldn’t do it.

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