Running it on the last.

I knwo the seasons over and theres alot of what ifs, but just a general statement on the play which probably lost us the game.

How many times does this seriously work for us? We do this minimum 4 times a game minimum and wouldnt of scored more than 3 times off it this year I dont think? (could be wrong).

Its not even a play where you look back and can think, well it worked a bit. The other thing which makes me not like the play is I really dont think we have the outside backs to pull it off (at full fitness on the left yes), but our right side doesnt have any quick/speedy men to take advantage of it.

We kick it on the 2nd and 3rd and run it on the last….cause we’re the wests tigers and it’s soooooooooooo exciting…

I dont know but I’m absolutely shattered about last night!! =( is anyone else’s forum not loading???

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