A few points on our downfall

some of our players were comparing this year to 05… i dont think this was the right attitude to have…
last night we defended our lead instead of continuing to play footy…
we made some rookie errors when it mattered most…
we weren’t ready to win it…

like i said before sheens must teach our cubs how to go for the jugular. we dont have that instinct yet and we are supposed to be tigers. the mother is responsible for this duty so early on in life.

I tend to agree X, we rarely put sides to the sword when the opportunity to do so is there.

On the back of a good first half, a massive opportunity presented itself at halftime last night but instead of firing up even more for the second forty like the Warriors did, we went off the boil.

It seems Sheens is always more about controlling emotions and fair enough if that’s his style. But I think there are times to “let the beast off the leash” (with positive actions) and the second half last night was the time.

The best defense is a good offense.

The best way to defend a lead is to extend it and I don’t understand how a team (not only us as any team in the NRL has done it at some point) can go in at half time or any point of the game and think “we’ve got this” and pack it in before the final whistle.

It’s easier to defend a lead of 40 than a lead of 12.

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