Highlights of 2011

What has been your highlight of 2011?
A couple come to mind for me, but I would have to say the two wins against the Dragons in Rnd 22 and the Finals week 1. They would have to be my favourites.

Thanks for everything this year Tigers, it’s been a great year. Although the next few months are going to go so slow, I already can’t wait for next season. GO THE TIGERS! :sign:

That second half comeback against the Warriors in NZ was pretty memorable

The fortnight were we beat Manly and St George was awesome,

…and the flogging of the Raiders was a fun game to be at.

My highlight though was watching Benji play. He had a very strong year and I feel for him that his decision late in the game last night is being hammered both here and in the press. He carried us through all those poor months when we were busted recks and I will always remember that.

As Styker says, The fortnight beating Manly / Dragons was great. Long range tries to win both games in the 2nd half.

It is probably why we didn’t get the win yesterday. How often this year have we had to protect a small lead for the majority of the game. Not often. We’re better coming from behind.

Definitely that fortnight beating Manly and the Saints, but beating the Saints again last weekend, that was sweet.

Probably the main thing that sticks out, is that we managed to come 4th after all the injuries, after the off field stuff with Benji, after all the drama about players going elsewhere. Given all these disruptions, yeah, brilliant stuff finishing 4th.

Probably watching us after loosing Parramtta bond as a team of brothers and work together to win 9 in a row. IMO that was an amazing achievment. TO beat teams like Manly and the Dragons without our best 17 is truly something to be proud of. Just remember there was a stage in the season where most of us thought we would be lucky to make the 8, let alone the top 4. I think that is by far our highlight, just because when it seemed everything was against us we stood strong as a team 😃

Beating Manly and St George (twice).
Beau Ryan’s form in these last few weeks, he’s been outstanding.
Groat/Woods stepping up, they have been great for us.

for me the highlight of 2011 was the wests tigers overachieving and finishing much higher up the table than expected . well done boys

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