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TIGERS coach Tim Sheens is a dinosaur who is causing enormous damage to the growth and promotion of rugby league.

For the past two weeks he has banned his players from promoting the finals, robbing sponsors at the Tigers and the NRL’s major partners of exposure at a time of the year when they should be getting maximum coverage.

And from Wideload:

WESTS TIGERS copped it from a rival publication for their recent attitude towards the media. The accusation is they have been unavailable – but the truth is the media was given an open go at a number of star players and coach Tim Sheens. It might have something to do with the fact a large number of Tigers players don’t want to talk to that media outlet.

Its obvious many people within the NRL have trouble dealing with the DT, Buzz and co really don’t have many friends, a well deserved reputation proceeds them.

I am torn because as much as they suck, our guys still need to suck it up and deal with them.

Pfft, the telegraph want to go about publishing the garbage they do they can live with the consequences of it. If I was Benji Marshall after some of the crap Webster has written and the DT has published in the past month, I wouldn’t talk to them either.

I’m really upset that I don’t get the Daily telegraph over here. I’d love to use it to wrap up the rubbish.

they have a hide. They spend the last month dragging Marshall’s name through the mud, attempting character assassination on the guy, then turn around and cry poor mouth when the club refuze to talk to them

its been said that Rotfield and his collegues troll these forums, so i hope they are reading this, you are all a bunch of tools. Feel free to quote me on that

They’re sour because SMH gets all the coverage, Benji writes a column for them, and yeah it’s just character assassination. There is no other team who is more covered in the media than the Tigers. Every second League article is Benji this, Robbie that, X-factor this, the Tigers just don’t talk to thrid-rate journalists who wouldn’t get a gig on ACA.

I am not a very violent person but rothfield is one bloke that I could punch in the face. repeatedly. I would even kick him in the jewels when he was on the ground.

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I’m out of toilet paper……Can anyone suggest something I could use?

I found an old copy of the DT, but my backside is too good for that.

The DT journos have a habit of embellishing the truth, to the point where some articles are just completely inaccurate and therefore lies. If I was a player I’d also be very cautious in who I spoke to in the media, particularly if they end up putting some sort of spin on what they are actually told. Honesty is the best policy and this is why the DT journos just cannot be trusted.

I’m happy for the club to continue to snub a paper ( which i don’t believe they have anyway) that has done nothing but try to destabilise us and print utter garbage throughout the season. You only have to look at the continual vendetta they have against Gould. I’m not saying Gould doesn’t deserve som crap every now and then, but when that paper has an agenda against someone, it actually is quite embarrassing for their credibility they way they carry on.

“TIGERS coach Tim Sheens is a dinosaur who is causing enormous damage to the growth and promotion of rugby league.”

He’s definitely going to talk to you now right Phil?

Way to win friends and influence people with comments like that. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

If anything is causing damage to the growth and promotion of league, it’s ‘journalism’ like this.

easy - just don’t read the telegraph. a gossip magazine at best!

The funniest thing about the Terrorgraph is that their parent company still currently holds a large vested interest in the game, and they continue to bash it from pillar to post at every turn.

God knows what they’ll be like when News Ltd walks away from the NRL.

Rothfield likes to air his personal vendettas via his opinion columns and blogs and not sit down and discuss them privately behind closed doors. That’s a testament to the fibre of his character alone.

The telegraph has a reading age lower than my shoe size. I haven’t take it seriously since high school and would back the club 100% if they didn’t want to talk to them.

Their poor standard of journalism is the main reason i, nor anyone in my household, will ever be a customer of theirs

Good on u rothfield u goose. You should neck yourself for the better of the game.

Your a world class twat!

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Slothfield is a dropkick. Who wants to read that crap.

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