SMH - Gould - Tigers not ruthless enough to worry Warriors

<big>Not toothless, Tigers just not ruthless enough to worry the Warriors when it really mattered</big>
Phil Gould - September 19, 2011

The Tigers just weren’t ruthless enough. They led the Warriors 18-6 at half-time. They had the game in their control. They just never delivered the killer blow.

For the first hour they had the Warriors’ measure. The Tigers’ speed and constant ball movement was proving far too much for the visitors. No team in the NRL gets the ball from one side of the field to the other quite like the Tigers. Hooker Robbie Farah, half Robert Louis and five-eighth Benji Marshall fire the ball to each other with these speeding spiral passes that stretch the very best of opponent’s defensive lines. It’s certainly pretty to watch.

The Tigers looked like they were going to score every time they got to the Warriors’ end of the field.
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The Warriors’ defensive line saw tired forwards struggling to get back into position. They conceded two of the softest tries you would ever see in a big game.

In a way, I guess it was all happening too easily for the Tigers. So, when the Warriors actually started to lift their game, it took the Tigers by surprise.

Big Warriors winger Manu Vatuvei delivered a couple of strong charges that were not welcomed at all by the Tigers. Front rower Jacob Lillyman started to bend the Tiger defence line back with some bustling runs of his own. Five-eighth James Maloney was becoming a real menace.

Suddenly the Warriors realised “this isn’t so bad!” and they were soon back within striking distance. They didn’t get the match winner until the 78th minute but by then there was an air of inevitability.

It was a sad end for the Tigers because I think a lack of respect for their opponents allowed disappointment to creep into their lives.

The Warriors showed tremendous team spirit to hang in there before mounting a late surge.
It wasn’t a high class game of football, but when it mattered most, the Warriors found a way.


Yep pretty much what a lot on here have been saying, especially ‘the lack of respect for their opponents’

The last 20 minutes will haunt us for a long time.
Caught the saint george disease.

Gibbs loss mid game affected defense in a vey noticable way as well.

When both elements are addressed… Look out.

If only we could of kept them to twleve points

That stupid pass by Groat in the first have that gave them the ball and they scored from int he first half didnt help our course, too many mistakes as well.

All true unfortunately. I sensed it coming in the first 10 but when we got to 5 minutes out I started thinking we might just hold on

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This article is based on the premises that life is fair and the team that deserves to win always does. We all know that neither of these is true. Gould is arguing that the Tigers deserved to lose because they didn’t show sufficient respect for their opponents. He is playing the ‘wise old man of the NRL’ explaining that the Tigers’ fate was determined by their hubris (pride).

The whole article is a smokescreen to hide what really happened last Friday night - the Tigers were tired, hanging on, but they were beaten by the fact that the Warriors were awarded two tries (to Mateo and Inu) that weren’t tries. You can’t wave that away with talk about respecting your opposition.

I agree with most of Goulds comments,probably for the first time.

I really hope this dosen"t affect the team mentally early next year.

You know,just like we fans feel gutted the players may feel early next year that gee,here we go again ,we have to do all the hard work & put in every week just to hopefully get a chance like we blew last year.I hope not!

Certainly Sheens has some work to do and we need an injection of fresh players with a little new enthusiasm.

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