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Hull FC fan here. As you’ll all know, Peter Gentle has signed a 3-year contract as our Head Coach. We’ve had a fairly dismal past few years, by our own standards, so there’s a fair bit of optimism and enthusiasm due to the announcement of a new coach.

You’ll all know of him better than I do, so what’re your opinions of him? What’re his strengths and weaknesses, and what sort of attitude and person should I be expecting? Do you think that he’ll be up to the job of head coach?

Thanks for any replies, and best of luck against the Warriors.

He is regarded very highly by all at WT

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Excellent pick up for you guys.

I think his greatest strength is his talent identification and ability to nurture the young guys.

You wont hear a bad word about him on here (well not from anyone who knows him anyway)

He was the front man for Tim Sheens - Was in the media when times were tough earlier in the year, and gets along well with the players i hear.

He’s a good man who’s been around for a long time. Has done a long apprenticeship and deserves a chance to show what he can do.

he’s an unknown entity, never coached at the top level, hold your breath anything is possible - good luck.

Hard to know really.
U20s is hard to grasp how involved goaches are when you consider the nature of the comp. Same can be said for being an assistant coach, his involvement is not entirely known

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Has this been confirmed? Have read reports Kevin Moore is linked to the job at Hull.


Has this been confirmed? Have read reports Kevin Moore is linked to the job at Hull.

theres two teams who use the hull moniker Peter is at FC Kevin Moore at KR i believe if not the other way round

Thankyou baz! Good luck Peter.

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