Is Miller Ready?

This may be a little premature but IF we need to look at a new starting NRL half back next season who would it be?

I’m a Miller fan - he is a natural half back, has loads of confidence and can kick goals but is he ready?

I’ve heard he had an average back end to the season, but perhaps this is because he could see Lui improving and cementing his halves pairing with Marshall. I was told Miller left the Roosters in the first place because they signed Carney, so he obviously has ambitions. Can he step up this soon?

Or… dare I say it, Scott Prince anyone?

Miller was shaky in the second half of the season. He’d be great fit for Marshall though with some time under the belt to form a combination with him.

Scott Prince… No on all counts. I wouldn’t take him back if he was for free.

He better be ready, because we’re going to need a new halfback next year.

I think a full off season with the FG team and he will be ready. He oozes confidence and giving him the chance to fine tune his game during the trails will do him good.

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I think a full off season with the FG team and he will be ready. He oozes confidence and giving him the chance to fine tune his game during the trails will do him good.

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I thought he played well when he came into 1st grade early in the year.

Shame about his end to NYC this year. But I think with a full off-season, he might kill it.

Miller suffers from the same defensive frailties that Lui suffered from time to time - however it was exposed more in the U20’s outfit, as they did not protect him as much as the First Grade team protect Lui.

Give Miller the same coverage we give Lui, and I think the kid will do fine.

I think he done well as well, he showed alot of promise.

We bought him to be used as a replacement half, in case of injuries and the like. So I think it’s time that he got a run if action is taken against Lui from the Tigers which resulted on him not playing.

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is miller ready i think we are about to find out . good luck son dont stuff up your chance .what about the boy from wentworthvile humble i think his name is i though i read he could play 1/2 5/8 or full back is this true

As said in another thread Maybe Fulton could be the answer interchanging with Robbie Farah at dummy half and 1st reciever
Fulton has played halfback in a Challenge cup final
Defensively huge plus over Lui but obviously lose out with Lui’s running game
Give Miller another season

didn’t show much when he had his chances .but he can kick goals . With the loss of moltz , farah and Marshall can’t afford another passenger . Wouldnt take carney even if it was last resort . Would love to see Shaun Johnson at half but o know would never happen

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No thanks @ Scott Prince.
Tom Humble might get a shot ??
Hope not.

Miller is the man, he oozes potential.
Would be nice to see him get first shot & totally kill it.
Rookie of the year, Cherry Evans style.

We don’t need anymore old blokes that get injured and can’t play like cayless everyone knows you go to the sharks for retirement

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As I’ve said in another thread, if we are to buy a halfback to replace Lui and overlook Miller, he will only be of NSW cup quality and to be honest I think Miller has shown enough to get the chance to play alongside Marshall and Farah week in week out and not considered a passenger.

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If they are to use miller I hope they don’t throw him to the wolves if he has a bad game. They will have to persist with him and give him a fair go .

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Sheens will persist…

… He persisted with Lui.

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