NRL Tigers meet sponsors over Lui arrest


All the sponsors are concerned about is the almighty dollar. $$$

Umm and whats your point - the sponsors are businesses - businesses exist to make $$$ - that is their only reason for existing so of course they are and I am impressed the club has been proactive and quickly got out and talked to sponsors shows what a well run club. Of course they are concerned about the young lady and from my understanding they have been very supportive of her and Rob Lui

I think whatever happens that Lui should be sacked at the end of this - true or not he is bringing the reputation of the tigers into question and that isnt ok - especially for a 2nd time - the charges were dismissed the first time but the reality of the behavior was never denied

@Montague Street:

Won’t be swift
Courts are clogged
I’d say about 6 months

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Just in time for the start of next season
Aren’t we just sick of this

I’m just saying they (sponsors) are concerned about the business side of things.

They invest in the club and image and expect a return. If something happens that effects that return, then they are concerned.

I didn’t mean to imply that they are wrong in doing so, so I appologise if that’s how it can across.

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Well my view is sack him if found guilty, sign prince to mentor miller


Well my view is sack him if found guilty, sign prince to mentor miller

i agree. prince for 2 years. after that it will be miller time! :slight_smile:

Only time will tell…

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