Balmain Tigers Card Collection Hits eBay - MOSTLY SIGNED

Unfortunately… My Card collection has to go 😦

Check it out…

STILL CHASING: Any of the first cards from the Merger…
2000 Sponsor Post Cards
2001 Dons / Club Oversize Signature Cards.
Any help would be REALLY APPRECIATED!!!

Bit of Interest thus far….


Not really very fair regarding the neg rep! Here is some positive rep good luck on eBay!

Agreed Buddy, Not a lot I can do about it ay…
Cheers for the Support, I’m hoping my stuff goes to a passionate fan!!

Still more Neg reps coming in… You know what ya posers… BRING IT ON!!
I’d like to give them to “The Fans” but the fact is I didn’t get them for nothing… And If I factered what they actually cost me, They would be 4 figures each!!
IF one Tigers fan gets ONE thing they are looking for at a great price, Then to me, it’s worth it!!
There’s stuff no-one will EVER get again Sigs from Sinclair, Provan and the like…
So lather me up with your hate…

shame you have to get rid of these batboy

I’d like to know why people are giving you negative rep about this, seems a tad misused.

Mate… I’m GUTTED!! It really is my lifes work…
But hopefully it goes to a good home!!
Cheers for the Backup people…

why do u have to get rid of them

this thread reminds me that i have a hell of alot of basketball cards and some rugby league cards that i have from the 1980s and 1990s. they are still in excellent condition and in those plastic sleeves

Don’t HAVE to… But i don’t really have time for them, And by the time My Nephews and my Kids are old enough to appreciate them… They Players etc, Won’t be relevant to them. SO I would rather see them go to someone who will appreciate them. I was lucky to come across a passionate maggies fan who took almost all the Wests stuff… I hate selling on eBay, But it’s the only way really… they charge money to list, a percentage of the sale, again for the paypal transaction… it’s just a licence to print money that site…

this is a good example of why rep is a bad idea on forums. giving negative rep for this is just weak
good luck with your sale batboy.

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