Can someone please explain?

Hi Guys,
Just wondering how or why a certain Mod would de-rep someone TWICE for letting Tigers fans know (Via this forum) That they are selling off a rare collection of stuff???
I have recently put a post to let you guys know I am selling my Balmain Collection… Not because I wanna make money, (The prices are peanuts compared to what they’re worth) BUT because it has been a 10 year labour of love… Inspired by passion for our teams, And I would rather see it go to people with the same passion as me, than to be on-sold by Bargain Hunting VULTURES… To honest fans with the same passion of me for our great clubs!!
And to said Mod… You know who you are… FRONT UP!!

Why don’t you PM the Mod in question instead of posting it on the open forum where it will probably get deleted any way.

Done that…. No Response??
I think it’s Rubbish Form…

We all know who the mod is - all anyone has to do is click on your rep to see who did it.

We can see how you got neg-repped twice in 60 seconds - and yeah, it looks petty considering what neg-repping is supposed to be used for.


there we go, some positive rep to get you out of the “troll-drums” and because I agree with your sentiment.

Yeah… Like I said, I reckon it’s poor form and extremely petty for someone who is a Mod here??
I don’t get it…
Cheers for the support!!


We all know who the mod is - all anyone has to do is click on your rep to see who did it.

Didn’t think you could see who gave you rep points…How do you see who gave you what…Please Explain !

Ok scratch that… my 6 year old grandson just worked it out for me.

i think the 2nd neg rep points was for the 2nd post you made in that thread

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