Warriors Vs Storm

Really hoping I’m wrong, because I would love to see the Warriors win, but my gut is telling me it could be a bit of a Melbourne walkover tonight. The Warriors might have played their ‘grand final’ against us last week and I can’t help remembering that very inept performance they put in against the Broncos only 2 weeks ago.

I think they are a big chance

nz 12
melbourne 6
after 18 mins

gus is going crazy about sea gulls, lol

warriors 14
storm 12

this could have easily been us… 😦

The way Storm are playing, I can’t help but think we could planning the demise of Manly…

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Go Auckland

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Damn. Could have been us!

Far out! How good was that? I was sooooo wrong, I’m always wrong! 😆 I’m just happy to see the last of Melbourne, go Warriors!!!


Damn. Could have been us!

thats exactly what im thinking. i could be in melbourne right now going nuts and celebrating all night. oh well :brick:

I think the warriors might just bash the stuffin outta manly and jag a win next week. Here’s hoping.

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Add their Under 20’s and the trophy could live for some time over the ditch.


So the 6th placed team smashed by 30 points who got a 2nd chance make the grand final, yet the Broncos storm and Tigers didn’t get ONE MORE bite at the chrery because of the joke of a system, please please please change the system to the AFL one

PS please Sheens make the Tigers watch the last 10 mins of that game to learn how to hold a 2 points lead with 10 to go

YES GO THE WARRIORS GO NEW ZEALAND! Auckland Vulcans, Under-20s and the First Grade side are all in their respective finals!

Sorry to all the Warriors haters cause they beat us, I’m putting my Kiwi cap on right now.

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