Warriors Vs Storm

The Warriors were really good, especially in the 2nd half, as Sterlo said, he had never seen a Warriors side be so polished and I have to agree. I hope they beat the Eagles.

I think if the Warriors defend like they did last night they win a grand final.


All they had to do was kick the ball on the 5th tackle 1 week ago and thats us tonight celebrating

Im going for Manly Id hate if a team that finishes 6th got smashed got a 2nd chance and fluked a win against us go on to win it all

I fully agree. Only thing is I hate Manly that much I would rather see the underdogs get up.

Just a quick question for all those who are upset at the Warriors making the grand final.

If we change to the AFL system and team 4 get pumped by 40 points in week one, comes back and makes it to the Grand Final would that system then have to be scrapped as well.

Personally I don’t mind the system the way it is, it’s no perfect but no system is.

I was surprised at how well the Warriors played last night, they are peaking at the right end of the season. The storm certainly missed Blair last night.

I have seen the match winning try 5 times today, and every time Johnson’s dummy to the inside man fools me.

seriously, who would sit there and go for Manly,of all teams just because you’re not a fan of a finals system? :crazy

how petty and immauture. Someone get this man a tissue :bawling

That was an awesome dummy hey, made the storm players look silly

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