Mateo & Inu

When I think about the way we bowed out two years in a row it makes me want to cry. Then I think about some of the other teams and I feel a lot better. Case in point: Parramatta. Fair dinkum, if you were a Parra fan you would be pulling your hair out. The powers that be at Parra dont seem to have much of a clue. It reminds me a bit like the Sharks when they couldn’t find a place for Preston Campbell. He went to Penrith and won the comp straight off the bat.

Now Parra get rid of Mateo and Inu and just look what they have done. Mateo has stopped most of the impossible offloads and has become more selective. In the space of a year he has become the ball player everyone knew he was. And Inu: I know he put us out, but, he is just a freak and could be the X-factor in the GF. I, for one, hope they really give it to the Swamp Cockies next week. If anything it would rub salt deep into Parramatta’s wounds.

Go Warriors!

sorry ive lost my train of thought - but good thread - they are both on fire

they’re both good players playing well.
their last year @ parra, they looked like they didn’t wanna be there.
good luck to 'em.

Typical Parramatta.

Get rid of talent - Mateo, Inu, Keating

Buy deadwood - Webb, Walker, Whatuira

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