Willie mason ???

just seen on fox sports that willie mason is keen to return to the nrl.
do you think the tigers would be interested in signing him ???
personally unless he was signed for a small amount i hope not .
whats your thoughts

Was a good player in his day but I feel he is past his prime. However, if he were signed, I would hope it were for peanuts and to be honest, if any NRL club signed him, it’s all I can see him getting.

Also, he wouldn’t be put in my starting side in a hurry either. He would be behind the likes of Groat and Woods (and also Dywer when he returns in 2013) but could be handy for injury dramas like that of 2011 in which case he would be fighting it out with Bell for selection.

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The guy is cancer to any team he is in.

No thanks.

I dont think he will be on our radar.

I dont think we would be interested in him as his best Football is a long way behind him, & any amount of money spent on him would be a waste.

If we are to be serious about our anti - wanker policy, this guy should be avoided at all costs… Nothing but trouble and a big mouth just like his mate Mundine.

Been a long time since he was a factor at NRL level.

No way he thinks his a superstar when his not.

is it the same person making threads like this each time?
so and so wants to come back to the NRL, should we sign him?

i heard he more than likely will be joining his boy reni @ the eels,
don’t think any other clubs are that interested.

he was a beast in his prime, see his brothers around a bit.

never reached his full ability.
no doubt in years to come, will look back and think if only I applied myself more, I could have achieved anything.

as for coming to wests-tigers, as any type of employee, no thanks.

We could’ve signed him for $50,000 2 years ago and we didn’t. Why would we now?


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He’s a massive tool and grossly over rated. No thanks.


He’s a massive tool and grossly over rated. No thanks.

Tell us what you really think Willow
Stop sitting on the fence Don’t hold back
No mate totally agree

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