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If you are new you will notice that your posts will be submitted for approval by a Moderator. This process is necessary for all new users as it helps us weed out computer-spam and troublesome people. Don’t worry, it won’t last forever; after a few posts we’ll turn off the automatic Moderator Approval setting and you can post away!

Please read the following carefully:
Users of this website are advised that the following conditions of use (rules) have been enacted.
Moderators will be enforcing these rules from today onwards.

The following conditions of use are agreed to by any user when using this website.

This website is provided free of charge as a social site for fans of rugby league. The comments and opinions expressed on this website are not necessarily those of the sites owners or management.
The owners and management of accept no responsibility for comments posted, their ownership or implications of ownership. While every effort is made to ascertain article authenticity and ownership, accepts no responsibility for inadvertent copyright breaches.

This website has no affiliation with Wests Tigers Rugby League Club Pty Ltd, the National Rugby League (NRL) or any other rugby league companies or associations. This website has no business connection with Wests Tigers Rugby League Club Pty Ltd, the National Rugby League or any other rugby league association or corporation. This website has not been endorsed by Wests Tigers Rugby League Club Pty Ltd or any of its affiliated associations.
By using this website you agree that intellectual property belonging to any other person, persons or organisation remains solely the property of the original owner. By using this website you also agree to abide by the rules set by the administration and moderating team as well as the rules listed below. Failure to abide by these rules will result in your access to this site being suspended.

The following rules must be followed when using the forum, shoutbox or any other user-based aspect of this website.

1. Language must be of an acceptable standard that is suitable for the diverse community that views this website. Excessive, extreme, inappropriate and disguised swearing will not be tolerated.
2. “Abuse” and “Name-calling” or other such activities including threatening forum members is not accepted. This includes but is not limited to
i. Inciting arguments;
ii. Insulting other users;
iii. Getting personal; and
iv. Retaliating to another user’s initial comments even if they are in violation of any other rule.
3. Rumours are to be treated as such and not as facts. The naming or implying of individuals in any rumour of a personal nature is strictly prohibited. Rumours from other forums, social media networks or any other channel are only acceptable if the original statement is referenced properly (screen-grab, hyperlink, scan) with evidence clearly displaying the source. Elaboration beyond what is referenced is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the offending post being removed. Weststigersforum reserves the right to moderate or ban users who continually breach this rule.
4. Slander, hearsay, allegations, accusations or the statement of facts that cannot be proven will be removed and the offending user will be banned.
5. Comments, statements or actions that may be in breach of any Australian law will result in the offending user being banned and all information in relation to the matter passed onto the relevant Australian authorities.
6. Comments in regards to non-users of this website (eg. Players, club staff, public figures, etc.) must comply with every other rule stated in these Rules.
7. Hijacking threads will result in the offending user being warned.
8. “Foreign” users of this website (eg. Fans of other football clubs) must not insinuate any arguments or cause nuisance to the general running of this website. Any attempt to do so will result in the offender’s account being restricted.
9. Spamming or Trolling will not be tolerated. Moderators and administrators will attempt to address, advise and council any potential or offending spammers/trolls however they reserve the right to restrict or deny access to users who continue to spam or troll.
10. Spoilers of any current sporting games must not be posted unless other users of the site are adequately warned of any potential spoiler.
i. Posts in regards to any Wests Tigers game can only be posted in the “LIVE GAME” thread during the time at which the Wests Tigers are playing and until the game had ceased; and
ii. Offending users will be warned.
11. Any breach of the above stated conditions and rules will result in the suspension of the offender’s account, IP address and email address. All efforts will be made by the administrators of this website to block access for the offending use.
12. The posting of the exact details of > Media-Only > events organised by the club is prohibited.
13. The posting of personal details of players, staff or other individuals is strictly prohibited without the expressed consent of the individual.
14. Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to enforce and amend these rules at any time without notice.

If users believe that the Conditions of Use and Rules have been broken, administrators of this website must be contacted on >> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and the issue will be investigated./

If you don’t like someone or you simply don’t want to see what they post, please use the “friend of foe” feature in the User Control Panel.
You can access the User Control Panel by following this link:

Other forum members who are added to this list will not have their posts appear when ever your view a topic. Their posts, topics and replies will be hidden from you.

Hi Kul,Is it possible on Forum sites for others to steal your identity as what appears to be happening on Facebook and other simular sites,as described by the cops on TV last night….

😲 😲 😲 😲

It all depends on what information you put up on the internet.

Sites like facebook are only dangerous after users post information on them, such as employment info or contact details. If you want your private details protected, don’t post them on the internet.

At the moment the only bit of information that you have posted on this site includes the information in your profile and your posts.
If you don’t want any of this information being available on the internet, then remove any details from your profile and don’t post anything that you don’t want on the internet.

Otherwise by simply joining this site your identity is not at risk.

Thanks Kul….Cheers

Hello everyone

The mod team has decided to implement a couple of changes to reduce to risk of another “Tuqiri Thread” drama happening again.

From now on, new members automatically have their posts queued for mod approval. Once you pass a certain number of posts, your posts will not need to be approved.

This won’t affect everyone, only those users below the threshold.
The system is entirely automatic and you probably wont notice a thing.


Hi everyone.

We’ve decided to open up the avatar and signature settings a little more.
As of today avatars can be up to 110px by 160px and a maximum file size of 512kb (for those that love animated gifs)
Signatures can now be up to 600px by 200px and a maximum file size of 512kb

If anyone doesn’t wish to see avatars or signatures when they view the forum, they can be disabled by going into your UserCP and clicking the appropriate buttons.

What is the post number minimum for being off moderation??

My apologies - I just realised the post about moderation is from last Novemeber and hasn’t affected me.

Yeh, just relax BRET - it seems you’re covered.

This is just a reminder of the “Friend and Foe” feature. If there is a specific user whom you tend to dislike or you wish not to see their posts, this feature can be very helpful in dealing with it.
Foes are users which will be ignored. Posts by these users will not be fully visible. Personal messages from foes are not permitted. Essentially, for you, users who you select as “foes” will effectively vanish from the forum for you.

To access this feature, click on the “User Control Panel”, then select the “Friends and Foes” tab, then select the “Manage Foes” sub-menu, then add any users that you wish.

Kul if someone else quotes your foe in their reply, will the foes post then be visable?

Yes, the quote will be visible in the non-foe’s reply.

Hello everyone

This is a quick message to ask everyone refresh themselves with the forum rules.
Can I draw special attention rules in regards to threatening comments, posts or PM’s - threatening someone, especially with violence, is not tolerated on this forum. I have no hesitation with banning anyone who threatens anyone else on this forum.
Fortunately for almost all of you this isn’t even an issue, but understand that anyone who threatens anyone else clearly demonstrates that they lack the maturity and dignity to partake in this community.
If a user threatens someone, I will ban that user regardless of who they are. Threatening users are not welcome here.


If you don’t like someone or you simply don’t want to see what they post, please use the “friend of foe” feature in the User Control Panel.
You can access the User Control Panel by following this link:

Other forum members who are added to this list will not have their posts appear when ever your view a topic. Their posts, topics and replies will be hidden from you.

Loving this feature. So much negativity I don’t have to read from those that are solely negative.
Well, unless someone quotes them.

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