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Why don’t we post crap on our website about Turdy & Co and the other clubs. Suggestions?

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From the hill I thought the shoulder charge on Brooks was a send-off. Guess I need to watch a replay.

Stats on NRL penalties would be nice. Time, location and on which tackle they are given. Our specialty appears to be conceding 5th tackle penalties.

A voluntary tackle penalty in-front with seconds to half-time with the scores even. I wonder if you can place a multi bet on that.

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If we were already on 25 points and the Sharps and Donkeys each had 24 needing a draw to make finals at our expense, a draw would be a certainty. But if we draw tomorrow Greenturd will probably strip us of a point for match fixing.

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Penalties all even between Doggies and Donkeys, Toddles will be furious

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@rex2ce said in Leichardt Oval hints and tips for a first timer.:

@Harvey Hopefully your prostate is in good nick, I was at Titans game last year and was shoulder to shoulder at the trough doing my best, a dude tapped me on the shoulder and said “ my turn, youve had enough time”

Was he wearing a Souffs jersey? You were probably blocking the entrance to Souff’s Wet N Wild waterslides.

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@WT2K said in Cricket Season Thread:

Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne now have more runs than the rest of Australia’s top 7 combined this summer. 696 at an average of 116; their teammates have 673 at an average of 18

… and if Smith and Labuschagne did not play and were replaced by the Marshtards the entire top 7 would still have 673 and England would have won The Ashes.

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Season on the line will the halfback step up or hide in his hole?

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Love those 4th and 5th tackle penalties, one day we might receive one

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NRL will prove they have it in for us this week by not suspending Brooks